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STD from a stripper?

I went to a strip club last night. One of the girls came up to me and took me back to a private room. She gave me lap dances and all of them were pretty intense, but the one thing that worries me is that at one point during the encounter she shook her butt in my face and I licked the left and right cheek a little bit, and I may have accidentally licked the middle of her butt too but she had a thong on. I may or may not have touched her vagina or anus with my tongue, but I think I may have touched one of them while licking the middle of her butt (her crack). It’s probably just needless worry, but I am still worried that there is something I could have caught from her, like oral herpes, since I licked her butt some and that my tongue may have touched her vagina or anus. I don’t think it touched the vagina but rather the anus instead maybe. Is there any reason for me to worry? I am just worked up over this right now and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this. While looking at her, though, the girl looked clean and it didn’t look like she had any sores or anything that would suggest she had an STD, but then again she had a thong on so I couldn’t really tell if there was anything on her vagina or butt that would suggest that she did. I saw all of her butt except her anus (in the middle) and i didn’t really see any bumps or anything, but I just want someone to tell me whether or not I should worry about this because I’m scared right now. Thanks
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As you said... A needless worry.

Nothing happened at all to be concerned about.
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Okay, thank you so much. One of the managers who worked there said that they were one of the cleanest strip clubs in Miami, which was where I was at. The girl I was with told me she had been working there for 4 years, and then that manager told me that they have never really heard a complaint from someone about them being afraid they caught something. So I guess that means I don’t need to worry, right? That information sounds promising
Even IF she had something (which she prob doesnt) you would not have caught anything from this encounter. The only bit in your post which would be a possibility would be this bit..

I may have accidentally licked the middle of her butt too but she had a thong on

But lets break it down...

You used the word accidentally which to me indicates that you wernt there for a long time and most likely did not do anything which enough "force" to get anything. Then you said she had a thong on which means you woudnt have penetrated with your tongue anyway.

Seriously man, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anything from this encounter.
Totally agree. Any contact with her vagina or anus that may have happened would have been so brief that no transmission could have occurred. And as SillyMistake pointed out, she had a thong on. STDs don't go through clothing.

I wouldn't worry about this at all.
Okay, thank you guys. At the beginning of the encounter I stuck my hand down her thong and touched her vagina but it was only for like a couple seconds or something like that. I believe you all when you say that I shouldn’t worry about it, but do you guys think I should get tested for any kind of STD? I think that just to be on the safe side I should, but I don’t know. I just hope the manager wasn’t lying to me when they said they were one of the cleanest clubs in the city and that they had never really heard a complaint about someone thinking they caught something. I think they’re telling the truth though. And to clarify, I meant that my tongue may have touched her anus (you know, her “hole”) or her vagina but I think it was her anus. It was just for like a second or though maybe if I even did.  I agree with you all though that I probably didn’t get anything but I just want assurance that I will be fine. I’m still a little stressed out about it and I’m thinking I should go get tested but idk. I trust what you guys are saying though.
But then again my tongue probably didn’t make contact with her anus because she had a thong on.
Also, a day after the encounter I noticed a red spot on the bottom of my upper lip that was probably a pimple or infected hair follicle/blackhead but I hope it’s not anything serious. I don’t notice anything anywhere else on my lips or face or genitals though so that’s good.
It doesn't matter what the manager said - and really, no manager is going to tell you if their dancers have STDs, and they may not even know it. Nothing you did was a risk.

Touching her vagina isn't a risk - hands don't get infected with STDs, and they don't transmit them, either. Fingering never results in STD transmission.

Whether or not your tongue actually touched her vagina or her anus, it wasn't nearly long enough to transmit anything, and there wasn't nearly enough friction from just a brief touch. And yes, she had a thong on, so your tongue probably didn't touch her anus or vagina.

No STD is going to give you symptoms within a day. The absolute minimum is 48 hours, and it's usually at least a few days past that. You had no genital exposure so you won't get symptoms on your genitals. STDs give you symptoms at the site of exposure, so you'd only get oral symptoms if you had a risk.

Even if she had multiple infections, you didn't get any of them. It's not possible. Anything you're thinking is anxiety.

If you decide to test, it's for peace of mind only. You had no risk at all.
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