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STD or anwiety

I had protected vaginal intercourse 7 days ago, one night stand.  Starting the morning after, I have felt the need to urinate often.   Tip of penis "tickles" a bit.  7 days later, I still have the same feeling.   No pain, no discharge, no odd bumps or spots.  Is the feeling to urinate a symptom or possible std?
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I presume this is just a irritation on your penis. You used a condom so it can't be a std. Or maybe it's anxiety, this could give you the feeling that there is irritation but there is none. Try to sport and to fun things, if during that time there isn't any irritation, it's for sure anxiety.
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Did you have unprotected oral? Sometimes you can pick up something that way. Otherwise it defintely wouldn't be an std from the encounter you described. Very good possibility it is stress or anxiety if you are dwelling on it this much, especially if you felt guilty and regretted doing what you did.
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