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STD or just Paranoid?

Hi All.

On 7/25 I received unprotected oral sex from a stripper (not too smart, I understand), who, as fas as I can remember, has no visual signs of the usual STD symptoms.

On 7/28 I went to my PCP for testing as paranoia got the best of me and every "itch" or "tickle" set me off.

My PCP said the chances of my catching something given the circumstances were unlikely, but after I insisted, he performed 2 swab tests from my urethra and a blood test for HIV.

These tests came back negative on all accounts 48 hours later. I asked if it was too early for the tests to detect anything and the nurse said "a little, but given the circumstances, I shouldnt worry".

However, (again, it may be paranoia setting in) I am nervous that the tests were perfromed too early. Since my doctor's visit, I have been extremely "aware" of my penis. I take trips to the bathroom more than usual as I feel the need to urinate and "check myself out". It does not hurt when I urinate, but my urethra is sore (perhaps from the swab tests? it did seem they went very deep) and is somewhat red at the tip (again, perhaps from the tests? and from me "inspecting" it often?).

Yesterday I noticed a small lump on the side of my penis. However, I am not too worried about this as it has occured a few times before. I have always had a lot of small fatty-type deposits (I dont know how else to describe them, almost like hair folicles) on my penis. A few times in the past one or two have become agitated in some from or another and sometimes a little pimple forms (from what I can tell, not like an open herpes sore). But of course, the circumstances have me worried about this as well.

I am having a lot of trouble sleeping at night and have anxiety attacks (which I've never had before) with regard to this issue. My friends tell me I shouldnt worry but I can't help it.

So, after browsing the topics, I figured I would post here to got some other opinions to hopefully ease my mind.

1.) Given the circumstances, is it likely that the slight redness and "soreness" of my urethra is due to the swab tests?
2.) Was I tested too early? Should I be tested again?

Any other comments/opinions? Thanks in advance!
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1) Yes
2) It was on the edge of testing times

The risk of getting a STD from oral sex is low and without discharge or burning while urinating then I would not worry about a STD. I know anxiety can do a lot to someone, but trust me, put this behind you and move on.
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thanks for your input. Any 2nd opinions? Thanks.
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Also, I have what seems like the frequent urge to urinate. Though usually little comes out, and with no noticable pain or discharge.

Is this due to the possible tissue damage/irritation of the swab tests, the anxiety or possible NGU?
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I would chalk it up to anxiety more then anything.
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