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STD or just Stress and Anxiety???

I had unprotected sex only once with a woman I did not know well. Three weeks later I went to the GUM clinic and had myself tesred for a possible STD. I did not have a blood test as the doctor did not think my case warranted it. Five weeks after having sex with this woman I have devoloped really bad wind and bubbling in my stomach. I was also getting some cramps which have started to disappear. The wind and pain is not really in any one place. If I get a bad pain I get the pain about two inches below my navel. When I push my finger against my stomach and jig my finger about I am dislogging wind. I went to my doctor and told him only about the wind problems and he give me tablets to alvieate this problem which I am now taking. He asked me was I under any stress. I am under some stress due to my stupid action of having unprotected sex and I have other life issues which bring stress. To cut to the chase is my wind the result of stress or is there a possible STD problem. And if its just wind how long will it take to go away as I have suffered wind now for two weeks. The stomach cramps are decreasing and the wind is also decreasing albeit it slowly.
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STD test was clear by the way
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It sounds like stress more than anything. I have read a lot about STD's due to my own dumb mistakes and have had a bad reaction to the situation. If tests are clear then you are ok. I am not sure on testing methods and what Dr's will ask for, other people here are better at that. But just be happy that tests you took were negative and possibly seek a thearpist if things continue to both you. Also God is always listening.
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You don't have an std, as your results showed, and no std would cause the symptoms you are having.

Follow up with your doctor, and please seek help for the anxiety if you need to.

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