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STD or something else?

Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I'm not sure if I have an std or something else.
   It started about a month and a half ago. The first few days it looked and felt exactly like I had a yeast infection. Itching and cottage cheese texture discharge... I thought that was my issue.
   I tried home remedies and over the counter items to help.  I used an antifungal cream.The cream cleared it up for about two days. Then I started getting another discharge.
  It started as a thicker white creamy texture and no smell or itching.
  Now, there isn't as much discharge but the smell is horrible. Twice as bad being on my period. I have had the same sex partner for over 7 years. After research, it sounds like trich, bv or chlamydia. I know I will be better off seeing a doctor but does these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.

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Hi no they would not appear std related but a typical yeast infection also with trich the discharge is almost always green and with chlamydia most often a whte puss discharge would be coming from your urethra. Bv is a form of yeast infection not an std.
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