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About 4.5 years ago I found out that I had contracted Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from an ex (I was pregnant when diagnosed). I was given some sort of z pack and retested and was told I was cured. I still had yellowish discharge (I've had it for as long as I can remember). So I became obsessed with finding out why. I can't afford a doctors visit, and I have had sex with only 2 partners. A year later I called my GYN completely scared that I may have gotten it again and I took Doxycycline twice a day for 7 days. My symptoms never went away, I never had itching or swelling. No pain or discomfort, just a lot of discharge (it's always been a lot). It's never been cottage cheese looking or frothy. Just either watery (not yellow when watery), clear when I'm ovulating (not yellow), but the other amount of time its sticky and stringy like mucous but its tinged yellow. Looks white on my finger, but yellow on toilet paper. Idk if its BV, or Trich or what, but since I can't go to a doctor all I have is the opinions of others on the internet. Last August I had my tubes tied (tubal ligation). Anyone have any ideas on whats going on? Oh I forgot to add, a few days ago I did have some clumpy looking discharge with some slight itching, so I bought Monistat 7 and started it last night, some light itching feeling on the inside but that's it, now today I'm having a lot more discharge than usual. It's turning a greenish/grey color. Commencing freak out.
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Your health is more important than $, the internet is not going to tell you what is going on. See a Dr.
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If I had that as an option I would be there already. Thanks for replying.
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It is always an option. If you have no money and live in America then you are required to have health care. If you live in Europe then most of it has socialized medicine.
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