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STD results waiting

So i recently took a full panel STD test about 10 days ago. I am currently in a monogamous relationship with a female. We stopped using protection roughly about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago. I always been in monogamous relationships however i did date another female last year before i met my current girlfriend and i do not know there status. Now My current girlfriend recently had an yeast infection and went to her gyno around March 1.They did a full STD panel on her and all came back negative. Mind you, we stop using protection almost 3 months prior to her getting tested. So my question is I did my test and all my results came in 4 days ago minus the HIV test. I tested negative for everything else. It has been 10 days now. and I'm starting to get worried since i have not heard from my DR or the lab where i took my blood. Why did they release all my results minus the HIV test.. Trying not to freak out.
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In order to give you accurate info, it would be useful to know the kind of sexual encounter you had with that other female.
Regular vaginal intercourse
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You likely are ok, but if you’re testing for STD’s be sure to include mycoplasma genitalium
Ok so I came back negative or not detected for hiv genotype 1 not detected for PR gene mutations and not detected for RT gene mutation.. should I go back to my urologist for that test or any health care clinic
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Yes, asked specifically for a PCR test for mycoplasma genitalium. Be sure to be off of antibiotics for 3 weeks, and test your first void urine only. Also, if you have taken ciprofloxacin of levofloxacin, you can still take Moxifloxacin and have a decent shot of curing the infection, if it’s indeed MG.
Thank you very much.. I will be on top of that...
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