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STD risk from very brief oral

Today I was at a massage parlor in Asia (yes, dumb decision, I know..), and was receiving a hand job. Without warning, the girl put her lips on the tip of my penis for about 1 second. I immediately told her no, and then she stopped. My penis was covered in quite a bit of oil at the time and I'm pretty sure her lips made contact for a very brief second, but it was dark and I couldn't completely see.

Is there any risk here to get any STD? I am quite paranoid about it right now.
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No, if just her lips touched you for a second, there is no risk. It would take more time and friction for anything to transmit from her lips, and if she had something like oral gonorrhea, she had had to taken you into her mouth, which didn't happen.

There is no risk at all from the hand job.

I wouldn't spend a minute worrying about this.

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