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STD risks

As my exposure has no risk for HIV, I just wanted to know what could be my infection. Im a male, 4 days ago I went to brothel, no penetrative vaginal sex. Just received protected oral sex,and I masturbated and my condom covered penis did touch her vaginal. I'm having fever since yesterday. What could be my infection? Hsv? Hpv or syphilis? Does any of this virus and bacteria infect in this way?
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You received protected oral sex, and when your penis touched her vagina, it was covered by a condom.

Chances that you got an STD are very low, but how did your penis touch her vagina? Was it a quick touch, a lot of rubbing, or something else?

HPV doesn't cause fevers, and it would take months before you had symptoms, if you ever did.

Syphilis symptoms don't show up for weeks, and wouldn't give you a fever.

HSV might give you a fever, but you'd also have blisters.

Those are the only STDs you'd be at risk for if there was a lot of rubbing, and any of your bare genital skin touched her genital skin for a long period of time. A quick touch won't transmit it.

If your fever lingers for longer than another day or two, see your doctor.
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My penis involved rubbing but with condom but as I know there was no penetration. I just masturbated while my penis was covered with condom, I even touched her vagina before masturbating. Today I have sore upper lip feel abit painful and fever on off. Today is day 5 after my exposure. Fever started since day two.
And no bare genital touch, I was very sure not to remove the condom. But while I mastubated her vaginal fluid might have touched her penis but it was covered with condom.
Then you had no risk at all if none of your bare skin touched her bare skin.

Since you've had a fever for 3 days, you should see your doctor. It is not related to this encounter at all. Everything you did was protected.
My risk can't be HIV too? Since no unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex. I'm quite confused what could be my infection, I thought hsv but no blisters.
You said you already knew you had no HIV risk. Everything was protected - no fluids could enter your body via your urethra, hence no HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU or trich risk. You said no bare skin touched, hence no syphilis, HPV or herpes risk.

You can't have an STD risk if you weren't exposed to fluids or skin.
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