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STD symptoms and cure

I had unprotected (Orals (without condom) and condom brust in vaginal intercourse) sex last week. Out of worry i went to doctor the next day and he gave me famciclovir 250 mg 2 tabs a day and grapex 1 capsule a day for 7 days. After surfing on net for cures of STDs I took azithromycine 1gm on 5th day of medication and 500 mg on sixth day on my own in addition to the medicine prescribed by health care specialist.

Since then I have been watching my geneticals and body for signs of STD but couldnt notice anything except little pain on left side of my lower neck. Yesterday ie exactly after 1 week i noticed a very little watery, colourless, sticky with no foul smell discharge on tip of my penis.

What could be the possible reason and cure for that. What all things should i keep watch for and what all tests i should do to be sure of being no disease. Please help.
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first you shouldn't be self treating yourself after a doctor gives you meds. taking more then one type of meds can interfer with the other. second reason is because you can skew any future test results. IE the one you should get now that you have a discharge. I would follow up with your doctor regarding the discharge could be relate to chlamydia, gono, or trich.

Also, some men will get a natural discharge it is not always related to an STD.

If you're getting tested you should get a urine or swab for the three listed above.

Also, in three months you should get a blood test for HSV and syphilis and HIV
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