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STD test

I had unprotected oral 35 days ago from an unknown female. 10 days later I believe I contacted yeast from a regular partner that only lasted 3 days. Also during that time I had a sudden urge to urinate without a lot of volume or pressure and a slight warm feeling and pain in both testicles. At 18 days was tested for uti, no nitrite or leukocytes. On day 22 I had a CG NAAT year. This was second void of the day however the previous had been 3hours prior. During the sample I voided 1/4 ounce maybe less in toilet then all in the sample. Are these tests accurate? It was also noted that a high glucose in urine dip and now wbcs?
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WBCs in your urine means that you have an infection of some kind. It sounds like you have NGU, which can be caused by many things, including normal mouth bacteria from oral sex.

You should follow up with your doctor about this, and definitely about your high glucose. That can indicate diabetes, and it's VERY important that you follow up on that.

Your testing sounds fine - the tests and the process, etc.
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Thank you very much. I should correct that there are no wbcs. In your opinion, would this test still be accurate? I have been so anxious, I was able to let it go after testing then it has come back to consume my mind.
There is no discharge either. Still potential for ngu?
No, if you don't have WBCs, there is no NGU.

However, you definitely need to follow up on the high glucose.
I will have checked blood and not to bad potential dehydration. Thank you.
Thank you for dedicating your time for others. I have read a lot of what you post, you are essential to this forum. God bless!
Would bloating and loose stool be an indication of any std/sti?
No, absolutely not. That would just be an upset stomach. Nothing at all to do with std
Totally agree.

We have a diabetes forum here if you need it when you follow up on that - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Diabetes---Type-2/show/46 We also have a type 1, but I'm assuming you will have type 2, if you have it, given that you're old enough to have sex lol.

Seriously - follow up on this very soon. Untreated diabetes can cause a LOT of problems that will make STDs look like nothing.
I am. I am just hung up on the std thing, it feels as though I have developed some prostate issues. Is it possible to miss something in the urine test? Could it be anxiety causing this? I can’t seem to let it go.
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