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STDs After Massage Parlor

Hello, I was at a massage parlor two days ago. After a massage of 25 minutes (I was dressing only my slip) the masseuse gave me a final handjob touching both the foreskin and the tip of my penis.
She took oil from a plastic bottle for both the services (massage and handjob). I couldn't see any rashes or sores on her hands...I'm pretty sure!

Now my question is if she previously (about 5-10 minutes before my entry) gave a handjob to another
client and then touched that bottle with some seminal liquid on her hands, is there anyway i could have contracted any stds from her hands after she again handled that bottle for me?

Considering the time lapse from the previous client to the contacts of her hands with my body/penis, a least:
5-10 minutes to body massage
30-35 minutes to the handjob

I know there should be no risk for HIV and Hepatitis B, but I wonder if I was at risk for Syphilis and other bacteria (chlamydia, Gonorrhea etc.).
I've read that those bacteria die in few instants outside the body, is it true?

However, the contacts with the other client's seminal fluid would be very very indirect. Here the steps:
sperm(other client)/hand(masseuse)  -  hand(masseuse)/oil bottle  
PAUSE (at least 5-10 minutes for massage - 30-35 minutes for handjob)
oil bottle/hand(masseuse)  -  hand(masseuse)/my body-penis

Ok maybe all this is a little absurd but I cannot stop constantly worrying and suffering, especially if I think to Syphilis & Co.
Please! answer my detailed questions as these details might be able to rest me assured.

P.S.: sorry for my English...
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There is no risk at all for any STD from these events.  STDs are not transmitted by hand-genital contact and almost never by saliva. There is no risk for any STD, including all the ones you mention. The STD bacteria and viruses evolved to require very intimate contact like sexual intercourse to be transmitted. You should not be worried and do not need testing of any kind.
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Thanks so much Howard for replying me so fast! I feel more assured now! Have a great day :)
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