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STDs from Lap Dance?

I have 2 male friends that just came back from Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Both of them drank way too much and had private lap dances at a club on Bourbon Street.  One of them received oral sex while wearing a condom.  The stripper did touch his penis with her hand prior to the application of the condom.  The other received oral sex and had vaginal intercourse while wearing a condom.  Neither kissed or had any other type of mouth-to-stripper contact.  

They are both freaking out. One of them is in a serious relationship here at home, and is afraid to touch his girlfriend.

This activity happened 4 days ago, if that is at all revelant.

I would imagine that the Bourbon Street 'Gentlemen's Clubs' would not stay in business if the strippers gave the customers STDs.  Also, as a female, I would be MORE cautious than the customers, as I would not want to catch anything from THEM.  

Do these places test the girls?

Worst case scenario, do my friends need to worry?  Should they be tested?

I'd like to help them calm down and volunteered to post this for them.  Yes, I am a good friend, LOL.

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i assume the girls get tested but you never know. but your friends had protected sex and that is good because condoms prevent STD's when used correctly and do not break.

i see no reason for them to worry if they used the condom correctly and did not break.
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Thanks, Vance2335.  Will a doctor answer this eventually?  I'm new to the site.
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Doctors don't answer on this forum, but you can read all kinds of similar posts here - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/116  You can post if you want, but I assure you that you'll get the same answer.

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