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STDs from Oral Sex - HIV and Tongue

I am an healthy 22 years old men, I do not smoke and drink only socially. Four days ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a new female partner. After about 5 minutes of cunnilingus, I noticed that she was bleeding from her vagina and had some of her blood in my mouth. I also realized that I had a small cut on my inside upper lip resulting from the friction between my teeth and my lip while sucking. We did not go any further after the incident. The girl claimed she was free of any STDs but something let me believe that she might not have been telling the truth. I am a really anxious person by nature and was really concerned about the possibility of having been infected by HIV through this whole experience. I had problems sleeping and was continuously thinking about it. After reading documentation about the possibility of being infected with HIV through oral sex in the event that the girl was HIV+, I came to the conclusion that the chances are low but still present, especially considering the fact that there was direct blood to blood contact. First of all, I would love to have your thoughts on that.

My second concern concerns my tongue. I would like to point out that I was not really aware of how my tongue looked like before the contact and never really bothered about the possibility of having any kind of diseases/bumps on the tongue. Therefore, there is no indication that the observations listed bellow were not present before the contact.  

Day 1: Nothing to notice but didn't bothered checking at my tongue.
Day 2: My tongue got a little swollen/numb especially in the morning. I decided to take a closer look at my tongue and noticed some painless white bumps at the back of the two sides of my tongue.
Day 3: My tongue was still a little swollen/numb. I could say that I played / moved a lot my tongue during that day.
Day 4: I woke up in the morning and my tongue didn't feel swollen/numb anymore. However, I had pain at the base of my lingual frenulum. After taking a closer look at it, I noticed had a relatively large white bump at the base of it. I then started to look under my tongue and saw some long red/white "stripes" on each side. I also noticed these "stripes" near the opening duct of my submandibular glands. Another concern is the presence of red/white bumps around my lingual frenulum. Here are five pictures so you can have a better idea of my situation. Please note that it looks worse in real-life.


I am planing to get tested in the next few days but I would love to get an opinion on both of my concerns, the HIV and the tongue. Please note that I got tested 3 months after my last sexual relation and everything showed up negative and have been inactive sexually since then. I already know that the best way to reduce my anxiety is to consult as soon as possible but I am still looking for your thoughts. Thanks
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Hi, HIV is not transmitted through oral sex.
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Hi so I looked at your pictures and they seemed to look pretty normally. Except for the third picture, it seemed extremely white. Look at it this way, you did get someone else's blood in your mouth, which is gross. I can assume that maybe your tongue change is because maybe it's an oral yeast infection. Is it white near your tonsils?? The bumps you described towards the back of your tongue sounds normal. Dont stress yourself out because that will only make your health worse if you are infected with an std. I advise you to wait at least 10days after the incident so that you can get an accurate result. Hiv tests are most accurate at 3 months of infection. For an ease of mind take an Hiv test 1 month after, 3 months after and 6 months. Hopefully the symptoms you're describing is something that's curable. It is possible to be infected from oral sex because she had blood, your lip was cut, and you were bleeding. That's direct contact for sure. But according to research posted online you start to notice symptoms months after infection not days.
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I'm referring to hiv.. From oral..  And the symptoms that is
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HIV is not transmitted through oral sex and hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms but by testing and in this case no testing is needed because there was no exposure blood or no blood.
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