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STDs from poorly maintained sanitary bins?

Can any STDs be acquired if your hand accidentally touches sanitary waste from an overflowing/ poorly maintained sanitary bin in a public toilet if you washed your hands straight after? I noticed there was dried blood on the bin too and it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time.
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"STD" stands for sexually-transmitted disease.  No sexual activity = no possibility of an STD.
What about other diseases?
Like what kind of other diseases? If you have specific questions, we may be able to help, but for the most part, your intact skin protects you, and washing your hands does, too.
Hepatitis? Ecoli? Salmonella?
Viral hepatitis - no.

Hep A is spread through fecal matter (poop), but it needs to find a way into your body. This mostly happens through contaminated food, and you washed your hands right after.

Hep B is spread through blood, semen, vaginal secretions - similar to HIV. This is a mostly sexually transmitted disease. If you're in a developed country, you've probably been vaccinated for it.

Hep C is found only in blood, and is almost always transmitted by sharing needles for drug use.

Ecoli and salmonella - you washed your hands after, so you're fine.

You ask a lot of really anxiety-driven questions. Do you see a therapist for this? You really should if you don't. There are great treatments available. Talk to your doctor about it.
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