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STI Home Kits in Australia?


About a month ago I gave and received unprotected fellatio in a gay sauna, including swallowing.

I developed a chest infection about a week ago, but I don’t think it’s related as the people I live with also caught it. I have some tenderness in the testicles, but I often have that during/following a fever (the chest infection), though that obviously is something that could be related.

Anyway, as time has gone on, I realised it would be prudent to be tested?

However due to a disability (ME/CFS) I’d rather not have a blood test, as they can be a bit of an ordeal. I found these home testing kits that only need a few drops of blood via finger prick, and don’t need to be sent to a pathology lab.


I was wondering if these tests are reliable, and if I should test for anything other than HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Should I post in HIV prevention, as well?

Thank you in advance
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Well, I at least found a legit HIV home test kit:  https://atomohivtest.com/home.php

Hope that's useful!

I need to re-test twice over the next two months, right?

Thanks again
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Hi oral sex is considered low risk and testing would not be recommened unless you develop genital sores, genital puss discharge or a throat infecition or if you have a long term partner, about 7 days post exposure. HIV is not contracted from oral sex.
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I agree totally with Life360. There is a good chance of false positives on herpes tests, and you don't need to go down that spiral. Since the chance of infection is so low, I wouldn't worry about it unless you develop sores.

Unless you get any other symptoms, like Life said - burning, discharge, a sore throat, or you have a regular partner, you don't need to test just from oral sex.
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