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Hello all im sorry haha i know ive posted here a bit recently.

to recap, Not long ago me and another male gave each other oral sex I finished him by jerking him off i had some of his semen on my hands without realizing it and when i was finishing i got alot of it on my penis.

its been about 5 days-ish since then and i dont have any symptoms of the promement symptoms (such as a thick discharge) that being said it does burn a little when i pee.the feeling does linger. it's not a whole lot. barely noticeable.  it is a little cloudier than normal. not much.

ive read on here several times that my risk is basically zero but i was just curious.

thanks guys.
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Sometimes bacteria that is normally in the mouth can get in to your urinary track even if that is the case probably harmless and will resolve on its own. My guess is that you’re focusing on every sensation That you may not have noticed before and are linking it with the act Because you’re worried If our you I would treat try to keep your mind off of it and do something that you really enjoy and keep your mind occupied for the next month  and see how it plays out. Only be worried if you get some actual symptoms like obvious discharge or pain during urination
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I’m sorry lol I feel bad worrying and being a pest.

I know your most likely right.

It doesn’t even really burn when actually urinating it’s mostly like a tingling at the tip.
Tingling after urination I mean
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None of what you describe is a std symptom. It sounds more like focused anxiety. Having had NGU you would know you have it. There is no question
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As in like it would definitely hurt bad? It does burn but scale of 1 to 10 it’s maybe a 3.
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