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STI through scrotum sucking.

I am not proud of this but had a prostitute give me a blowjob yesterday. She sucked on my testicles too. Over the past few months before this, my testicles have been itchy with dry skin and i have scratched a lot. The the point where sometimes i have cuts on them. I did wear a condom but the lady was questionable at best and i didnt see her well. How worried should i be when it comes to STIs. Should i get checked?
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none of what you mention suggest you contracted any std but test for syhilis and herpes if you have a regular partner.
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I agree with Dave, but you should see your doc about your dry skin. It could be a fungal infection or eczema or something that needs treatment. I don't think it increases your risk much for anything, but I'm just mentioning this so you can get some relief.
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Thank you both. I had a chat with an online doc who said that as long as any cuts and bruises were preexisting i.e she didnt leave them through biting etc its all good. Just in case ill wait 2 weeks and get a teat for the akin to skin ones whilst rethinking my life....
From a medical standpoint, this isn't a huge deal. Your risk is very, very low.

I don't know about the rest of it - if you have a long-term partner that you cheated on, or if you were drinking and made a questionable decision, or what, and those are things you'll need to work through, but remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.

In case you need it at some point - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/29/stop-catastrophising-expert-guide-psychologist
Thank you. I've calmed down a little. Do you still think I ought to test myself and if so, what for specifically?

Thank you. I've calmed down a little. Do you still think I ought to test myself and if so, what for specifically?

Also, I am a little worried about passing anything on to my partner. This is not me, if I tell her it will destroy us and its the first and only time it will happen.

If I dont tell her and go get tested 2 weeks after the even is she safe? She has kissed me a few times since and I am instinctively withdrawn as im worried that I may pass on smth. Starting to freak a little now. I just want to get some tests in to know its fine...
Kissing won't transmit anything. You received oral sex - if you got anything, you are only infectious from your genitals, not your mouth.

You had protected oral sex. The risk from this is really so low. You don't need to test.

The only things you might be at risk for are syphilis, which is uncommon. You can test for that at 6 weeks. If you don't have hsv1 already, you can test for that at 12 weeks. Really, your risk is very low.
Thank you!
I think I feel a little better after a few days. Some panicky checks every now and then but all is well. I haven't had sex with my partner since as I am still a little concerned about syphilis. It seems that it is comparatively uncommon in UK but I am conscious nonetheless. I cannot avoid her for two weeks and I cannot tell her...what should I do.

PS: I did see the same sex worker on the street incidentally. Stopped and asked her.if she is clean and she said she is and she wouldnt be doing this if she want, but i don't expect her to say otherwise. I looked at her face and did see what looked like a sore with make up on it, so I wondered if this was a syphilis symptom...
Dude, you are freaking needlessly.

Remember that sex workers wear condoms to protect themselves from their clients, not the other way around. They don't care so much about you.

A syphilis sore would be in her mouth, not on her face. I have no idea what's on her face, but it isn't syphilis.

There were 7,541 syphilis cases in the UK in 2018. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-48509969 Since there are 66 million people in the UK, the odds are really, really good that your sex worker doesn't have it.

(For comparison, in the US, there were 115,045 syphilis cases in 2018. https://www.cdc.gov/std/stats18/tables/1.htm)

You also had condom-protected oral sex. Even if she did have it, the chances that you'd get it are very low.

Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
I know you're right but I'm still worried.

Since my.post I developed a small itchy rash on my neck. It looks like dry skin rather than spots. I have been checking myself every day for anything else but nothing so far.

Can this rash be an STI symptom?
Nope. No STI causes a rash on your neck.


Went to the doctor's for the dry skin and they gave a cream it is already much better!

I am still nervous about STI, syphilis in particular as it seems the only logically possible one.
No symptoms on genitals but my left neck lymph gland has been painful last 2 days. I think I'll go do a test at a clinic just in case. If it is negative should this settle it  is there false negatives?
I'm glad the cream is helping!

There can be false negatives, but those are when someone tests too early. It can take about 6 weeks to develop antibodies. You're just at a month since this happened, so if you can, wait a couple of more weeks, and then test. It probably won't make a lot of difference, but if you do it now, and it's negative, I suspect you won't have peace of mind knowing it wasn't perfect timing.

Seriously, you know there is no risk for syphilis, right? I'm only telling you this for your peace of mind and so you can move on.
Thanks for replying once more.

I thought there is always risk from skin to skin contact i.e her mouth and tongue and my scrotum? This is what I've read anyway.
The scrotum is really thick skin compared to your penis, for example. It would be hard for anything to penetrate that skin.

Haven't tested myself and cannot anymore as everything is shut due to Covid. I don't seem to be having any symptoms but I know that can still change or they can appear months even years later... still panicking every now and then...
Keep reading the article. Your chances are of anything are so very low.

Stay safe and healthy, and stay home! :)
Thanks for replying. In the circumstances, I'll take a leap of faith and wont test for anything. I hope it all goes well. My primary concern was that the lady seemed okay not to have a condom on for the blowjob but I opted for a condom. Then her lips and tongue on my scrotum freaked me out for a skin to skin disease.
Why don't you just test? There isn't any kind of doctor open at all where you are? If you can find a way to test, I think for your peace of mind (and only for that reason - I don't think your risk warrants testing), you should test. You can't seem to let it go otherwise.
Everything is closed at the moment. And I cannot get one sent at home for obvious reasons... I'll have to live through it
You can leave the house for medical care, but I guess it would be hard to explain that to your partner?

Really, I see no reason for you to test. Right now, it's anxiety that's the concern, not any actual risk.
I onowntou are right. I just cant seem to shake it off...
I was think what if my partner gets it, then my entire life will be ruined in a single moment
That's catastrophizing.

That's thinking, "I've done the worst thing to my partner, and omg I suck, and they are going to find out because I will have done the worst thing ever and infected them with something."

It not logical thinking, but it's a common thinking distortion. Re-read that article I linked earlier.

Remember science. Science trumps thinking distortions. :)
I can't believe I'm still getting worried every now and then about this. Been 5 months, had sex with partner multiple times. Was okay for a while and today I'm thinking what if she has it. Jesus...
Now you should be able to get tested, right?

So test. Finally put this behind you.

And get some counseling. Anxiety seems to be a problem for you. Don't let yourself suffer like this for any longer. Test, and get yourself some help. You deserve that.
I can I suppose.

Should I test for syphilis only?
Well, what will put your mind at ease? Testing is only for peace of mind, as the risk is basically non-existent. It seems syphilis is your big fear. You aren't likely to get a herpes blood test in the UK, and you don't need one, so go with syphilis. You wore a condom, so there's absolutely no need to worry about gonorrhea, chlamydia or NGU.
Hey, at what point without testing am I okay to assume it's all good. Neither me not my partner have had any STI/Syphilis like symptoms and it's been a while now?

No I haven't had a test yet...
By now, you and your partner would have had a secondary syphilis rash if you had syphilis. You don't have that.

You didn't get gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, HIV, or any of the heps, because you wore a condom. You've had no symptoms, and the chances of you getting anything while wearing a condom are very, very low.

You've had no symptoms. You wore a condom. You can move on now. If you can't move on, then test. That's the only way you'll be able to, or get therapy to deal with the guilt. Or all of the above.

We really do want you to be well. If that takes therapy, then get that. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You deserve peace.
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