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Scared and confused

Hello I am a 31 year old male who recived unprotected oral sex from a man in his 40s. 3 to 4 weeks after the encounter i got a buring sensation in my urethera and head of my penis every time i would pee but this only lasted for about 24 hours. Now one of my testicals is swollen and not painful to the touch it just feels full. Sometimes when I pee the tip of my penis will burn for a while. I went to my doctor and he told me that the only std that can be passed by recieving oral sex is herpes. I have no sores or blisters on my penis. I have noticed a few discharge looking spots in my underwear but I have not seen it come from my actual penis. I went to see a new doctor and he said I could have epididymitis. He took a urine sample for a std test and I am waiting to hear back in the next few days. I am scared and was wondering if this could not be a std. I have recently gained weight and my pants are super tight on my waist could this be the cause of my problem or is it a std?
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Your doctor is pretty spot on. Practically any STD is a 1 in 10,000 sort of shot. Herpes heads the list of possibilities I agree, but also a very long shot and would be backed up by symptoms including lesions on your penis (but not if you already are oral HSV1 cold sores).

May well be a general UTI. Have little doubt you will be all clear of anything serious and will knock of this irritation pretty soon.
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