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Scary Situation


I want to start by saying that I have an anxiety problem and that doesn't help matters when it comes to stds...  After receiving negative results for stds last summer I thought I was in the clear but unfortunately a scary/high risk situation occurred since then.  I wound up getting drunker than I have ever been before and proceeded to pick up a woman on the side of the road.  In a drunken fog I took her to a motel room, where she injected herself with meth while I sat on the bed in a stupor.  She then gave me oral sex for maybe 5-10 seconds and then proceeded to leave the room and come back to do more drugs.  I then stupidly(maybe smart) handed her a bunch of cash before anymore potential sexual acts occurred. After giving her all my cash she left (when I blacked out) the room and later came back.  I only know this because my credit card was missing the next day... But I have no idea what exactly happened before I passed out.  So, I woke up with my clothes on(good sign but not enough of an indicator) worried about what I may or may have not done!  I am also in a long term relationship! Anyways, my anxiety, fear, and the extreme nature of the drug use has created panic and I'm reluctant to trust my test results from planned parenthood.  Testing was mainly done through labcorp in Bremerton, Seattle, and some in Burlington NC.  Sorry for all of the detail, I appreciate your guys' patience and compassion.  

My blood was drawn 114 days after exposure.  What I didn't like was that their incubation periods are longer than both of yours.  Hep B is 6 wks-6months and Hep C is up to 6 months.  I realize these stds maybe shouldn't even be considered stds due to how unlikely they are to occur, but I'm extremely worried because of the needle use and that I picked her up alongside the road!  I am worried nevertheless.  Here are my lab results:

RPR aka Syphilis?  Non-Reactive-no flags- range non-reactive
CT aka chlamydia? Negative- underneath flags there was a N by the way.
GC aka gonorrhea? Negative- "                "        "      "      " "  "    "    "
HSV 2 <0.91 Underneath flags there was a N- Range 0.00-0.90
   It says that <0.91 is negative but can you please explain the flag and range info?  Also, the clinician said they didn't test for HSV 1, which I obviously don't like because I wanted to test for everything.  I don't know if I've had cold sores as a child but I've been tested negative in the past for HSV 1.  Should I get tested for HSV 1 at a different clinic?  I didn't have anything remotely close to a symptom within a few months of the incident.  You've been asked many times but does no symptoms mean I shouldn't worry in regards to herpes 1 and 2? You guys typically throw in words like "most likely" and "probably" but If I was fully aware of my body and didn't see symptoms for a few months can I be sure?  
Hep C 100 Flag-A Range-0.00-0.99 Both results showed >100 but had different info for Flag and Range?  Is that okay?  I was vaccinated as a young child, has it been too long for the vaccine to still be effective and what do the varying hep b results indicate?  
HIV 1/o/2 Abs, Qual^SE non reactive flags-n range non reactive
HIV 1/o/2 Abs-Index Value^SE <1.00 flags n range <1.00
  Can I be 100 percent confident with these results?

Due to reading redundant, impulsive, and anxious questions I am sure both of you can be a little dismissive but I would appreciate it if you took my concerns seriously on this matter since the experience was very traumatic for me and my relationship.  

Specific Questions:
1.  Are all of my test results negative?  If so, are they at 114 days definitive to the point that I never have to worry about them again?  Of course that means being safe from here on out!
2.  Why does Planned Parenthood and other agencies have such long or different incubation periods?  Should I disregard them?
3.  Regardless of my risk level- say you didn't know a person's story or history. What is your incubation period aka testing window for all of the testable stds? Even though Hep B and C are low risk what is the testing window?
4. Is it ok that I didn't test for hsv1?
5.  What explains the varying hep b antibody surface results?  One says A under flags and the other says N or just see above!
6.  Do my results and past vaccine guarantee my hep b results?
7. Hep C scares me because of the needle use, should I still be 100 percent confident?
8. PP's incubation period for herpes is 2-16 wks. The fact that my blood was drawn at 114 days for hsv 2 reliable due to me being so close to the 16 wk mark?
9. I'm most concerned about HIV.  Can I be 100 percent confident about its result?

I plan on paying extra to this site for this one! Thank you for your patience and hopefully thorough response. I also realize that I have a lot of anxiety issues to work out!  All of this concern is so that I don't jeopardize my future wife, I don't know what I would do if my shortcomings ended up hurting a loved one.  Thank you, your services do wonders for thousands of people that truly depend on your expertise.    

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continue to follow up in the std experts forum where you have also posted.
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