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Scrotum Herpes ?

Hi , I recently had protected sex with a women who when I noticed while having sex had a white cottage cheese looking fluid coming out of her, I had just shaved my pubic hairs right before and I had noticed the fluids all over my scrotum I immediately stopped sex when I seen this , about 2 days later I started to having irritated skin and redness on my ball sack with open skin  abrasions due I think cause my scrotum was really dry and flaky , But my scrotum has been so sensitive when stretched or touched, I have not noticed any blisters or lesions, I have been putting Lotrimin AF cream for about 5 days now, the open cracked skin abrasions went away but it feels like my scrotum still feels sensitive and a bit of burning but not really itchy at all , i was wondering does this sound like anything of herpes at all ?? Or any other type of std ?? Please anyone if you can help
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It doesnt sound like herpes.
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If it was herpes how long would the symptoms last I read that herpes can look like cracked skin and some people symptoms are almost unnoticeable , I am on my 7 day since I noticed this irritation on my scrotum it seems to have gotten better but my skin still feels irritated, I went to the doctors today he said it looks nothing like herpes but I can get tested if I would like but he said he wouldn’t recommend it, he said it looks more like a yeast or fungus infection he prescribed me Lotrim AF cream and nystatin powder,  
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