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Sensitive genital skin

I'm a male. I had protected vaginal unprotected oral sex back in May and every since then my genital area had just felt off. I started having urinary problems a week after the encounter such as dribbling after peeing and leaking for up to 30 mins after ejaculation along with pain during ejaculation. I've been seeing a urologist for these symptoms and he thinks it's prostate congestion and tells me to masturbate more but every time i do it seems now that i get a friction burn on the head of the penis. I've been tested 3 mo neg for hsv2 and neg for gon many Chlamydia. Just wondering if maybe because i don't masturbate as often (i used to do it once every day now i do it 2-3x a week) if the skin is just more sensitive or what.
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Hi its highly unlikly you got any std from what you describe and symptoms would be a white puss penis discharge, burning while urinating or inside urethra itching.
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