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Several exposures with CSW. Worried!

Hello Medhelp Community,
I am really worried over a few exposures I had with 3 CSWs over the last few months.

In the month of December, I had protected vaginal sex with a csw 8 times. All of the exposures were protected and with the same woman. The first six in the beginning of the month and the next two were on the 25th and 26th of the month. I caught a flu and fever in mid January which got cured in about 3 days after I visited a doctor, my GP.

Later, on the 1st and 3rd of February I had protected vaginal sex with 2 different SWs. In one of the exposures, the female put on two condoms. I had sex but didn't ejaculate. Also, The condoms did not tear.

Then about 2 weeks later, I caught a flu and fever again in mid February, which was mild and went off in a day or two after I visited my GP.

Now, in the last week, I have had severe fever with flu, cough and cold since the 9th of March at about 102 - 103 F. I'm on an antibiotic and another medicine from the last 4 days but the fever keeps coming back. Visited my doctor again last evening and he told me to get a Haemoglobin test done. I am really worried at this. I am coughing from the last 2 days and also have a running nose with body aches.

As part of information, the doctor has told me to avoid any cold beverages as I tend to catch a cold and have sinus. I remember consuming cold beverages last week and also sleeping with th Ac on on a low temp which might have caused a flu. Also I had consumed marijuana last week after a while.

I'm feeling guilty and worried over what I've got into. I have not had any obvious symptoms in the groin or around the penis in the while. Is it ARS that is followed by an HIV infection? I'm really worried about it. I have had regular flu like symptoms in the last months. Please help.

(I don't remember any condom failure like breakage or it significantly slipping off in any of the exposures. Also I did not kiss deep like long french kisses. Maybe a few brief kisses).

Thank You Medhelp Community.
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I will get an Hiv test done tomorrow morning.  But what are the chances of transmission in this case. I'll also get tested for other stds.

My last test was negative before my first exposure in December.  i had tested at about 6 weeks since  since I last had sex.
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If you can still cancel your test I would
Virtually 0 chance you got any std from the acts described above
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People get the flue from time to time
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