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Severe yeast infection or HSV2?

I seem to have a mystery infection. If I describe my symptoms perhaps someone could please help me determine whether this is simply a severe case of vaginal thrush and, if so, what I can do to get rid of it!!!

• Initially very red, itchy skin in vaginal region.
• 3 days later – ulcers appeared around ulcers appeared around area of entrance to vagina & on labia minora – extremely itchy and painful!!
• 1 week later – Doctor did brief visual exam and said it was HSV2
(This was confusing as my partner and I have been living together faithfully for 4 years and I had never had any symptoms like this)
• Doctor prescribed Valvociclovir 10 day tablet treatment. End of treatment, no improvement.
• 1 month later –Dr did 2nd brief visual examination and said the symptom of white discharge sounded like I was describing thrush. She prescribed Canestan cream which I had been using a month ago but she told me not to bother.
• 5 days later (still using canestan) – external white areas of skin now cleared up but still discharge. Skin inside vulva is red and sore and stings when I apply yoghurt or Canestan cream.

CAN a severe yeast infection cause vaginal ulcers?

I am in pain and missing being intimate with my partner! Can anyone help me?
Thank you.
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Did he send out for a lab test for HSV?  That in itself could answer your question.  I have had yeast infections but never that bad.  I have also had thrush so bad that blisters formed on my tongue making it impossible to eat.  So, in theory, I would say yes, a yeast infection could get that severe.  But I am no doctor.  I'm just using my experiences with yeast to come to that conclusion.  Has your doctor never prescribed diflucan or flucanazole?  A few doses of that may help.  And then some external cream for the itching, burning, and blisters.  Asking your doctor couldn't hurt.
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Thank you for your response. For the record as this may help other ppl with similar conditions I was diagnosed with Lichen sclerosus. It comes and goes (the symptoms) and the longest I have gone without the itching is about 3 months. The ulcers thank god, are gone. I always keep a hormone cream handy just in case and take Chinese medicine (prescribed to me by a Chinese Dr) as a preventative.

"Lichen sclerosus is not an infection and is not contagious.  It cannot be passed on to a sexual partner.

What are the symptoms and what do I see?

• Itching is the most common symptom and some people experience soreness and burning.
• The skin becomes pale and white in appearance. This may be patchy or involve all of the vulva extending down to the anus. The skin may split causing stinging and pain.
• Small purplish/red areas may be seen on the white background. These are due to tiny areas of bleeding into the skin, often because of scratching.
• There may be scarring that causes loss of vulvar tissue (eg. clitoris) or shrinkage of the vulvar areas, which can cause pain and interfere with sexual intercourse and even cause problems with urination.
• It does not involve the vagina."
For further information on the Internet


Thank you for your help and support everyone!
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glad you got better answers than you had a few months ago :)

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