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Sexually transmitted diseases ruining my life...

Hello everyone!

I've been worrying for a while now, and I thought i'd ask people here for a bit of help.

I've kissed 3 girls in my life, and had sexual contact (unless we'd count french kissing) with one of them. She cheated on me during the relationship, and lied to me about what she did with this other guy. We performed sexual activities until she finally said she told me what she had done with this other guy. Of course, with a worrying personality and OCD that's been treated with medication, I began to freak out.

She masturbated (with her hand) this other guy, kissed, had him touch her slightly in the vagina with his hand and had him perform oral sex on her for a short period of time. No vaginal sex or anal sex, and no oral sex as I said so that she would have been the performer.

We've had vaginal sex (protected though) and i've performed oral sex on her after this, since she hadn't told me what she had done. Now i'm still worrying if she could have got HPV or some other disease from these brief contacts she had with the other guy, and then passed them on to me. She won't take a test especially now that we are broken up, because she's afraid of needles. It's been around two months since we did anything sexual, so me taking a test would been I'd still have to wait to be able to test for HIV.

But what are the chances really? She had him perform oral sex very briefly, kissed him, masturbated him and he masturbated her just a little bit. She could be lying of course.... so what if I have a disease now?

I'm not too worried about it anymore, but i'm really pissed about the oral HPV possibility. What if I have a high-risk HPV in my mouth? It's a possibility to spread it through kissing (especially deep kissing, it seems), and even though it's a low risk, I feel like i'm going to have to inform every future girl I kiss that there's a possibility they will get HPV from me. I can't test for it, and I really feel like I won't get too many kisses by first telling people I could give them a disease that leads to cancer.

What are my chances, and is it a responsibility to inform future partners, even just girls I kiss that they may be getting ORAL hpv from me?
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it's really low risk that she would've contracted a std from receiving oral sex from this partner.

have you had your gardasil shots for  hpv yet?

most people clear hpv infections on their own. you really are worrying needlessly.  no reason to even discuss this with future partners.

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