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Single oral insertive sex std risk

Dear doctor.i am 33 year healtly man. Before 105 days(15 weeks) in drunk stage i had oral sex with turkey girl in oman...to be specfic no vaginal or no anal sex....this is the only first time i had sex with csw...except my wife....after 75 days of this exposure i went for std/hiv test in India... they only tested hiv,(4 generation p24 antigen & antibody test) syphlis, hep B abd hep C test ..all came back negetive(75 days or 10 weeks after this sexuual encounter).whether all these blood test conclusive at 10 weeks plz confirm?i saw some forum in this website.oral sex can cause gonneria, NGU, herpus type 1 and hpv ..in India they dont know what is NGU..as of today its now 105 days(15 weeks) of that sexual encounter..so far i didnt get any std symtoms like discharge from penis, no sores, no blisters, no lesions....i am much worried  always thinking about this incident...thinking like i aquired something from this incident....do i need retesting of hiv syhplis and hep b and c..and test for gonnria NGU , Herpus and HPV, is it possible these dieses without symtoms for 105 days....whats the chances of getting std in single oral sex of 5 min...i saw in somewhere its 1 in 10,000 is it true?.plz reply doc i cant concentarte on my work after this incident...should i worry for std after 105 days without any symtoms...
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Not wise, nevertheless you regret it and if there are no symptoms it doesnt mean that you are clean. But if you had no lesions on your penis and didnt saw anything weird on her lips you may be safe. Passing diseases through oral is indeed possible but most likely to not happen. do once more all the tests and you will be 100% sure you are clean.
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