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Slight Liquid Discharge From The Penis - What Are All The Possible Scenarios?

so i have slight liquid discharge from the penis but it doesn't hurt even though I think several times i could feel something inside. and I don't feel any 'burn' when I pee. I have checked for symptoms online, apparently there are 3 possible scenarios: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trich. I don't know if I miss anything but guys please let me know

so, here's my story. I got this symptom since about 9 days ago. The foolish me, i didn't actually go to doctor. I asked for 2g of azithromycin directly in pharmacy but apparently it didn't help me. 7 days later, i could still see some mark on my underwear after i wear it for hours.

And yeah, I finally went to doctor about 2 days ago, and I was injected by ceftriaxone and was prescribed 14 tablets of docycyline (100mg each). One thing that 'bothers' me is that I actually asked for bacterial resistency test (something like urine test or swab test) but the doctor said i don't really need that. he asked me to get tested for HIV, syphillis, and hepatitis but not the ones that come with my symptoms (gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, and idk what else).

My questions:
1. shouldn't it be actually better if i get a test just to make sure what I have and what kind of resistency the bactery has?
2. how long usually gonorrhea bactery can last before it dies if i was injected by ceftriaxone and i take docycyline? 7 days? because it worries me a bit. I took azithromycine and it didn't help. even though, once again, at that time i wasn't injected by ceftriaxone, AND to be honest the symptoms are very mild i barely notice it
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Add Mycoplasma Genitalium to the list to test for, it’s a more liquid discharge than it is thick
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yeah, but that's the thing. i did ask for a test to the doctor but he insisted on just giving me ceftriaxone and docycyline. well, i guess, i just have to wait now? IDK. there are so many doctors who do not see lab test as first option. i just dont get it.

And, btw, how about my other question? How many days do gonorrhea usually survive after first injection of ceftriaxone and first docycyline pill? 7 days?
Sorry I’m not too sure about that question.
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What country are you in?

You don't need a resistance test right now. The treatment of cefriaxone for gonorrhea IS the correct one, and the only one that currently isn't showing any resistance. Since you didn't respond to the azithromycin, the next step would be the doxy.

Since you had taken the azithromycin, testing you for bacterial infections at that point would likely be a waste. You could have gotten false negatives on the tests due to the antibiotic. I understand why he didn't test you. He's asking you to test for the others because apparently you've had unprotected sex.

It can take 7 days or so for the ceftriaxone to work. You may see an improvement of symptoms before that, but that doesn't mean you are cured. You shouldn't have sex until you are done with all your meds.

If your symptoms don't clear up, you may have to wait a few weeks to test to get reliable results due to the antibiotics. I don't mean to sound preachy, but this is why we suggest to never self-treat.

I hope the meds help and you feel better soon.
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hello, auntiejessi, thanks for the detailed answer.

one more question. a doctor i asked online (askexpertsnow) told me  that it's actually unlikely I get gonorrhea because typically gonorrhea does not produce clear/transparent liquid discharge. usually it almost always has color (and yes, my liquid discharge is colorless). however, chlamydia is very unlikely to be acquired through unprotected oral sex (keep in mind i had unprotected oral sex and not vaginal sex).

So his conclusion is that i might get a non-traditional NGU, which is caused by normal oral bacteria, and not by gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. What do you think of this and do you think docycyline can help me? Same life cycle too for non-gonorrhea NGU? 7 days after treatment?
I agree with that assessment, except I don't know what a "non-traditional NGU" means. I know what NGU is, and definitely you can get it from normal oral bacteria, but not sure what the non-traditional part is. NGU means any infection in the urethra not caused by gonorrhea, or nongonococcal urethritis. Maybe the non-traditional part is because it usually causes a more milky discharge and not a clear one?

If that's what this is, the doxy should help.

If the discharge stops, you can have sex after your treatment is finished. Obviously, if not, abstain until you have no symptoms.
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