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Slight irritation, tip of penis or possible urethritis?

I had oral sex, intercourse and anal sex during a one night stand.  The oral I received was unprotected, the other sex was with condoms.  This fling was over a week ago.  I have noticed in recent days slight discomfort (itch?) coming from the area around the tip of my penis, possibly inside of my penis as well.  The discomfort seems to come and go, but it is still present daily.  No lesions anywhere in my genital area, no discharge at all, no painful testicles and no painful/burning urination.  I have not ejaculated since the encounter (no fear driven than anything), so I can't attest as to if that is painful.  I can't tell if the slit in my penis head (the meatus?) is slightly red or not...I've never really studied my penis this intensely before.

I have been trying to research online, but have been unsuccessful trying to find out if I could have an STD with such limited symptoms.  Or if I have another condition (urethritis? UTI? fungus?) that could have developed either from the encounter or coincidentally?  Or am I passing a stone?  I feel some slight abdominal pain, but thinking that might be psychosomatic from all of the research I've been doing.  

I'm very scared, made a mistake and afraid it's going to ruin my marriage.  If any advice on what my situation could possibly be, or explanation of similar symptoms, I would be appreciative.  Or recommendations for other resources if someone knows of any.

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with the unprotected oral you have a chance for Gono and NGU.  The symptom your describing doesn't sound like there is an STD present, buyt NGU usually doesn't show up until 1-3 weeks after exposure.  Gono usually shows up within 2-5 days.  Without any discharge or orther symptoms, you most likely didn't contract anything.  If you want to be sure, wait a while longer to see if any symptoms arise and avoid unprotected sex.  You can also go get tested for Gono and Chlamydia and NGU at this point if you're really worried.  Good luck and let us know what you find out.
Take antibiotic from doctor after all be good.
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I do have a physical scheduled for next week with PCP and hoping I can be tested for NGU.  I'll see if he recommends gono or chlamydia test, but thinking the likelihood on contracting from oral isn't high and I have almost no symptoms.  Thanks for calming my nerves.
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You were at low risk for most STDs from what you decribe.

Here's the truth about condoms: they work.   Congratulations on using a condom.  I commend you for that.   Really I do.    Seriously.  I do.

Your going to be fine.   Your problem is not physical or related to STDs at all.    Rather its psychological, and your feelings of guilt are surfacing.  Try to deal with this by talking someone about it.   Therapy or counseling works.... please consider it.   I don't think your "crazy"  or "psychologically ill" .. just need someone to talk to about all this, and analyze your life a bit.

Hang in there, you will be alright.

P.S. I'll be in chicago in Aug!!
Ok so this girl gave me a blow job but I didn't ejaculated and I ate her and fingered.   I didn't have sex but I am really nervous because my anus is feeling a itchy feeling on the outside and my penis is feeling tingly but itchy where I easily get hard on the inside of ti .   What do you think this is ?? I am so nervous I'm joining airforce soon for pilot school  
go to the hospital and take advice to doctor and take antibiotic.ok
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Thanks for the support, although really I don't deserve it.  I'm normally not an anxious person and actually tend to ignore doctors/symptoms most of the time, so I'm not sure I'd make up symptoms in my head.  But, I'd be lying if there wasn't some truth that I'm expecting the worst.  Like I said, have a physical next week and will either ask the PCP if he can examine and/or run tests and/or recommend urologist (since i think its more urethritis or prostatitis) based on my lack of symptoms (red at meatus, slight discomfort).
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Questionable, I am in the same boat as you.  I had unprotected oral and protected sex two weeks ago and I am feeling a slight burning feeling in my penis.  I also have what appears to be a small bruise on the head of my penis so I am praying it is just a bruise that has not yet cleared up.
it is transmitted problem so never unknown it and go to hospital.ok
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Hey Worried,

This forum is really an amazing resource, not only to get a sense of what is going on in terms of men's health issues (which we rarely discuss with doctors, much less our buddies!), but getting support for mental and physical uncertainty.  I hope my posting has helped.

I'm fairly certain mine's not an std, especially after reading some of the posts in the dermatology and urology boards (which I suggest you read as well).  Two weeks does seem to be outside of the window for many sti's particularly if there's a lack of major symptoms (painful urination, discharge, itching, warts/nodes/bumps/rash), but it still might be a good idea to still get tested for peace of mind (I might too).  I know the basic chlamydia and gono screens at Planned Parenthood and local LabCorp. sites (search the web for local std tests) are between $100-$150 dollars when all is done and some can be paid cash or WesternUnion to be discrete and avoid insurance ebo.  

I will tell you at first I though my condition was fungal.  When I was a teen and masturbating a lot (and hiding a "___ rag" under my bed), I did develop a slight fungal issue on the tip/head of my penis which resolved with over the counter fungal cream.  I tried the fungal cream for a couple of days with my current situation, but did not work.  Might work for you?  I am now trying hydrocortizone over the counter to see if it helps before my pcp appointment next week.  Seems to kind of help reduce the irritation and color isn't looking as red, so I'll keep everyone posted.

Good luck and hoping your situation gets better.
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I should also say after reading the dermatology boards, many tip of the penis/head of the penis irritations come from soap/lotion/powder/condom/lube reactions.  It's been hot here in Chicago and I've been using a lot of Gold Bond powder recently but now have stopped.  You should also do a mental check of any hygiene routines you may have changed or exposed yourself to.
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i am on the exact same boat, due to the guilt and the fact that i was drunk enough to sleep with a condom on the whole night i have developed a wierd iriation on the tip of my penis. no sighns of discharge or painfull urination but i cant help but notice somethings there. i agree that it could be a lube thing or mental but definetly not a std
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I have the same symptoms.  I have been tested and test came back negative.  However, I feel much better but the irritation on the tip of my penis is still there.  Not as bad as before.  I have also stopped examing my penis every hour to see if I would find any new developments.  I am usiing Hydocortisone 2.5% cream and it helps a bit during the day but at night it gets a little more irritated.  
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To all

This is good stuff that you guys are sharing your experiences.  Please continue to document your test results, treatments and updates on your condition.  It's extremly helpful for other who unfortunately will follow in our footsteps and will be looking for answers in the future.  

I will say this, I'm not a big believer in anxiety induced penis pains.  Although it can be the case some of the time, I think we know when something is wrong.  All too often doctors can't find an answer because nothing shows up on their tests and so they tell us that it's in our head.  That answer is not good enough for me because I know that before my encounter I had no symptoms, and after I have symptoms....that are real.  In no way am I saying that you guys have problems.  I believe I responded to most or all of your posts and I believe it didn't sound like any of you had issues related to STD's, however you could have some irritation going on.  Continue to work with your doctors to get to the bottom of it if it continues to be a problem.  Good luck guys!  
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UPDATE: Saw my PCP and explained my situation.  He agreed its unlikely to be an sti, but he's recommending a screening for gono, chlamyd and hiv anyway.  He mentioned that many gono cases are asymptomatic anyway.  He visually inspected me, no lesions/warts/etc, no discharge.  However, he also performed a prostate exam and is screening for PSA's, WBC's and RBC's as well.  I had mentioned to him my lack of traditional sti symptoms, with the exception of discomfort at the meatus (a possible symptom of prostatitis), so perhaps he's suspecting a prostate issue?  I was not able to inform him, but I masturbated for the 2nd time in several weeks and when I ejaculated, it burned.  I don't believe that's an sti symptom, but is a prostatitis symptom.

Again, I'll update the board when I know more and hope this is helping others out there with questionable symptoms.  With my luck I'll avoid an sti situation, but step right into cancer.  Ugh.
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Received my second negative test result for gono and chlymdia today -exposure was possible vaginal fluid and saliva transfer by hand to my penis, and light lick and kiss to the tip of my penis.

Nurse assured me that any other STI from this event is highly unlikely. I'm awaiting results on a urinalysis for a possible bacterial infection that may be causing the testicular pain. Also, have scrotal ultra sound tomorrow. I now, when my mind doesn't wonder, believe that my testicular pain (3 weeks past exposure) is in no way related to this incident. I either have a conincidental bacterial infection OR I'm magnifying everyday feelings in my testicles.

Nurse also said that I'm more than okay to resume unprotected sex with my wife. I think I'll remain protected until the results of the urinalysis are in. I only hope that the cipro I was finishing, (2 pills remained) doesn't skew the test results. Although, seeing as how I'm done the meds, and still have pain, clearly they couldn't have cleared anything up.
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So these results would mean I'm in the clear, correct?

"Component Your Value Standard Range Units
WBC             6.3    4.0 - 10.0              K/UL
RBC                    4.75   4.50 - 6.00             M/UL


HIV 1 and 2 AB's was negative as well. I still have the discomfort at my meatus, so I think I'll go see a urologist at this point.  My PSA came in low, so not so sure about prostatitis being possible anymore?  Could it be a UTI without urination issues?
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are those results from your urinalysis?  It appears that you do not have a bacterial infection based on those results.  However, the meatitis is still giving you issues.  There is another person on the forum who is experiencing the same thing as you, even after repeated antibiotic treatment.  There are only a few other things that I can think of that may be the cause of this.  Ureaplasma or it's NGU caused  by adenovirus, which meatitits is a symptom.  You may want to explore these options more since your PSA looks good.  In response to your question about UTI without urination issues, yes, you can still have a UTI/ STI without all symptoms.  meatitis may mean nothing or it may indicate there is a problem.  

are you married or sexually active with anyone?  If you're not I was going to suggest you do a course of antibiotics and see how things go.  
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I just thought I would weigh in on this given that I have been struggling with it for nearly a year. In late August 2010, I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex outside of my marriage. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this and thought I was being careful enough (based, in part, on the kind of advice you frequently hear on these boards) by using a condom. It turns out I was wrong.

The details of my story are here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Mycoplasma-genitalium-testing/show/1547774?personal_page_id=2221715#post_7028020

The short version is that I have had a great deal of sensitivity around the meatus and the coronal edge of my penis. Also, I have a very red and puffy urethral opening. I have no discharge but occassionally feel a stabbing pain in my penis (infrequently) and aching in my testicles (infrequently). The sensitivity is terrible because I feel it every time I walk around and my penis rubs against my undewear (which is every step). I have heard it described elsewhere as feeling like your penis is being dragged on concrete or that your underwear is made of sandpaper. These are good descriptions.

Every doctor has told me there is nothing wrong that the can uncover. I have had courses of Azithro, Cipro, Doxy, Metro, Erhtyo and Amoxicillin. I have tested negative for gong, ch. and evern ureaplasma. My UAs are just like the ones posted by QuestionableRegret - normal. No change to the sensivity however.

I also have a wife and am pretty sure I will lose her if I fess up and/or give her this disease. Dealing with this is unbearable. I know many of you can relate.

I want to second what shaken has said on this board - despite negative tests, we know when something is not right and we know that we were fine before our respective mistakes. Just because we cannot be diagnosed does not mean that there is nothing wrong. Of course, it is easy to fall into despair given this. But I am hoping that we can all find a solution by sharing our stories, sharing our treatments and staying proactive with our own health care. In particular, for many of us, a primary concern is transmitting this to our wives. Please let us know if this has happened and what her symptoms and results look like.

Feel free to message me if anyone out there wants to talk. It is shocking how many of us are out here without any solutions. My heart goes out to all of you.

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This is exactly the kind of thing that I had hoped would happen.  The more we communicate and share our experiences and treatments, the more we will learn and hopefully some of us will get better.  More importantly, just like nguquestions has stated, there are many of us out there who do not have answers, and undoubtedly there will be many more who follow in our foot steps and hopefully we can provide some useful information to help them as well.  There aren't many comprehensive resources where guys can go and read about others who are suffering from NGU and get good information.  It's scant and spread all over the net.  There are verious studies, but again, nothing comprehensive.  It's the reason I alwasy ask people to follow up and post their results.  Hopefully we can begin to get to the bottom of this and hopefully dispell this belief that unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex has little risk.  As you all can testify, it carries a huge risk and can have lasting consequences.  

Please do not let your doctor treat you like your crazy.  If they try to tell you it's all in your head, move on to another doctor that will work with you and try to get to the bottom of it.  nguquestions said it perfectly "Just because we can't be diagnosed doesn't mean there's nothing wrong."  Research and discuss what you've learned with your doctors and discuss it as a possibility.  Your doctor doesn't know everything, especially if they are a GP.  

For anyone living with this horrible disease/ infection, you know what it's like.  Your life is consumed by it because you can't think of anything else but NGU, what the cause is, and the thought of passing it on.  Please guys, continue to post your treatments, test results, and progress.

Please feel free to message me as well.  
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In an attempt to collect information in one place, here is a thread with over 400 different stories about our problems:


And one particularly compelling case from this site:


Try to stay in touch guys. We need each other (especially if your symptoms have disappeared).
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I just wanted to add that just as it's important to follow-up on potential NGU issues, I think its also important to follow-up with a urologist and/or a dermatologist to rule out conditions associated with those subspecialties (depending on your symptoms or lack thereof).  I'm making appointments with both.

And while I concur that if we believe there is something medically wrong, to pursue answers, we also have to consider that the mind is very powerful and when mixed with guilt/anxiety/depression, we have to acknowledge that symptoms can be exacerbated more than they should.  This isn't to say anyone's "crazy" (myself included), but to bring us more resolution/peace, I do believe we need to consider all scenarios.
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Just wanted to update the post that I did go see a urologist and I was diagnosed with prostatitis.  I was given a prescription for Cipro and my symptoms are gone.  My urologist did say that prostatitis can come and go...some guys more prone to it than others.  And any number of infections can cause it (even from a regular sexual partner who is faithful). Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone still struggling.
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glad you got answers and relief :)
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i had a burning in the penis after ejactulation the doctor perscribed me phenazopyridine had noit stis or stds erything came back negative my uretha was inflamed a bit which prolly came from alot of sex with my wife and frequent masturbation ..i would look into that medication and try it hope it works for you
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Hey Forum.
               About a month ago i had a one nighter. She gave me alittle oral and we had protected sex. I also masturbate regularly every day about 2 times a day. I also use my own saliva to masturbate with. This (ichy?) feeling has only started this morning. There is no discharge and  there is no redness, no bumps. I guess its just my mind racing but. I rather be safe, then sorry and would like to hear what others, who have been in my position have to say.

Thank you :)
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hi everyone,
So out of no where I got a red spot around the pee hole and it doesnt really hurt but burns every once and a while but not bad.  All of your comments have been reassuring for me its just been bothering me a lot since it started a few days ago.  I had unprotected sex about 2 years back for only a short time but engage in protected and sometimes unprotected with my current girlfriend.  She got an STD screen at the doctor and she was clear and I think this means Im good too I'm just looking for some answers.  I was masterbating alot but now since stopped.  I figured its just irritation because that is all thats happened.  Any help is much appreciated.
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ok i had oral sex on the 12th that was second time ive ever dione anything sexualy first time was a couple years ago any i had a slight itching for 2 hours on the 13th not constant just on and off then it stopped so next day the 14th i have pain for 3 hrs on and off then stops during the night i had a burning sensation and it stopped after i went to the restroom also im ocd so im pretty clean i cleaned myself after the oral sex about an hr from it because i had to do something so i couldnt clean myself right away possible i could have anything as i dont see any physical features that would show it and today would be the third day since the oral sex or is it just anxiety? (because i know with anxiety you can prduce symptoms you really dont have.)
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