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Ok so I'm a early 20's female who's recently experiencing some stuff. On Monday my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex two and protected once, than Tuesday we had unprotected sex three times, and finally Wednesday we had unprotected sex twice. When I got home from his house I went straight to bed and slept for a while and when I got up I felt sick and feverish and when I got out of bed I looked in the mirror to see down there cause it was so sore. Well it was bruised (still is) and I had bumps on the labia minora (I've had these bumps before and I'm positive I had them when I got checked for STD's) I had seen these bumps quite a few times. They were round, smooth flesh colored bumps, but that day they were sore but weren't open. But at the end of the day my fever was at a 100 and I went to the ER, I also had flu like symptoms. But usually I bruise easily (internally and externally) but they gave me meds and literally an hour later I was feeling good again. I went home and slept, when I woke up I still didn't have a fever, and I went to go check down there again. I notice I had white milky discharge so I used a monaistat one day pill (vaginally) but I was an idiot and used a second one hours later. Well about 5 hours after I woke up I started getting sick again and I spiked a fever. I went in the shower to cool down and with a very old plastic "loofa" I was cleaning down there with non scented sensetive skin body wash. Now when I felt sick I had a fullness in my lower belly but never really pain. But I accidentally scratched the bumps on my labia pretty badly cause it hurt a lot. And when I got out they were bleeding or anything but than they were "open". But went to the ER again that night and when I went to go pee, it hurt to urinate. And when I walked out of the ER that next morning (Friday) my "sores" really hurt. Now I had super long natural nails and I honestly don't use a nail scrubber. But anyway I went to the bathroom at the hosptial and I was bleeding bright red blood and had liquid diarriah. When I got home my fever stayed completely normal. But the same day went to the OB and she could even see into my cervix because of how much blood there was. But she said the bumps didn't really look like herpes but she took a swop anyway and I had a blood test. But today my fever came back around 5 almost six pm. I called the nurses hot line and they told me to go to urgent care where there they diagnosed me with a UTI. But the thing I'm wondering is can I have herpes? They don't look like canker sores and one has a scab but it's black and I read that the blisters there don't scab but this one is. It doesn't hurt to touch them skin to skin and it doesn't hurt to sit, if water or urine gets on them it doesn't burn, nor does rubbing ointment or femaine wipes on them. They look like blisters but no whiteness and they're almost perfect circles. They're sore but they do not hurt at all, unless I accidentally pinch one. And as soon as I got my fever it was gone not even 30 mins after. So I guess my question is does it even sound like I have herpes? Also the last girl my boyfriend slept with was clean.
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I meant to say weren't not were
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