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Small painless bumps on lip for about a month

about a month ago I noticed about 3 small bumps on my lip.  I made out with a girl  about 4 or 5 days prior to noticing them, however I suppose it's possible that they were there before and I just didn't look.

They are painless and haven't changed really since I've noticed them.  I am worried that these could be hsv, although from everything I've read it doesn't seem to be the case, but I don't have health insurance so it's hard for me to see a doctor.

any information as to what this is would be extremely helpful.  I should note i do get canker sores fairly often, but these don't seem to be related.


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sorry I should add they are on my lower lip, slightly to the right center and are spread out horizontally.  They do not appear to be fluid filled, just sort of bumps...

Thanks again
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Oral herpes is almost always fluid filled and not hard.  These could be many things but seeing a doctor is the only way to get to the bottom of things.  Do you have a low cost clinic you normally go to ? You can also be seen at your local public health clinic too.  Also when you don't have insurance and are paying cash - sometimes you can work something out with clinics to pay a reduced fee - it never hurts to ask!

Canker sores are not due to herpes and are not contagious.

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are there ever any cases where herpes can stay as small bumps for this long? i have had them for literally a month and they sometimes appear a bit more reddish than other times, but have basically not progressed into anything.  if i stretch my lips I can see what I think, based on research, are oil glands, but I do not see the large fluidy blisters that I've seen in pictures of HSV sufferers.

I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this, as i have recently become involved with a girl and It is making me hesitant.

thanks again
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This doesn't sound like oral herpes. Have you seen your doctor to try to figure out what is going on though?  That would be the next step to try to figure out if indeed they are inflamed oil ducts or something else going on - like a viral infection, bacterial infection, allergic reaction etc.

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I haven't seen a doctor yet.  I just got the name/number of my old doctor when I had health insurance, but right now I do not.

I was planning to call and see what a visit would cost, but the visit + testing + meds is probably more than I can afford, especially since they are painless and don't appear to be spreading.  Although the piece of mind is probably worth the cost alone :o

Thank you for your help!
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i have these little tiny bumps on the top of my upper lip they dont hurt and i dont do oral, so i would like to knoe the cause of it.

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You don't have to do oral to have oral herpes.  Most people get it from their parents or a playmate as kids.

However, little painless bumps aren't herpes.  They might be fordyce spots.  Look those up and see what you think, and if its concerning you, you should get it checked.

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