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Smelly ***

Hey everyone so here's the deal I had sex with this girl and noticed that her *** was smelly. We were foolin around and I went to grab her *** and noticed that her *** crack was sweaty. I thought that was weird so I smelled it. It was the smell of ***. After about 3 weeks I noticed my *** was smelling like hers. My question to you is what could this possibly be??? I've been tested for chlamydia syphilis gonorea herpes all came back negative.
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Hi and its possible youve picked up a fungal infection. If she had a yeast infection and ordor is a symptom, and you had unprotected sex it can be transmitted. This would be considered a topical infection and if this is what it is, youd need some fungal cream to help clear it up. If your concerned have a doctor check you out to make sure all is ok.
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Thank you for your response. She claimed she had a uti and doctors have said I can't get a uti from sex so I'm not sure what she had. I asked her to go get tested and she said she did and everything came back negative. I'm so frustrated cause I know whatever I have I got from her. I think I'm going to just have to go see a urologist to see if I can figure it out thanks for your help
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Hello Jeff

Did you manage to find out what that was?

Please help.
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