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Smooching lip kiss and sucking boobs any risk of stds

Is any risk of contacting any stds from mouth to mouth kisses and sucking boods of an escort for 20mints.
If any bleeding gums or mouth ulcers.

Any doctor,  please let me know if i can have unprotected sex with my wife or i need to wait to take tests. Im worried.  Please help.
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You have no risk of anything. Kissing only transmits herpes type 1, and you may have that already (your wife may too), and kissing/sucking breasts is not a risk for anything.

If the escort had ulcers ON her lips - like cold sores - then your chances of getting hsv1 from the escort are dramatically increased (if you don't have it already). I'm not sure if you meant your gums were bleeding and you had mouth ulcers or the escort did.)

If the escort had no sores, then I wouldn't worry at all. Don't play the "what if" game and think you wouldn't have noticed if she did - you would have. And since this is obviously causing you anxiety, perhaps not do this again.
Thank you very much fir reply.
I didnot had any mouth ulcers or bleeding gums,  to my remembrance even escort did not had.
I will not do it again and will stay away with such activities.
So from this exposure do i need to ger any testing or can avoid and continue with my life.
Any risks of anything.
I already answered this question. The only thing you may have had a risk for is hsv1. You can test with a type specific IgG blood test if you wish, but if you don't get symptoms, I wouldn't bother.

You can move on with your life, honestly.
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