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Soar throat for over 2 months

I gave fellatio over 3 months ago, and have had a small pustule and red tissue on the back of my throat that will not go away. I first noticed it 4 weeks after the incident. Now its been over 2 months and its still there. At week 6 I went to the doctor and he diagnosed it as either strep throat or and abscess, and gave a antibiotic for it. After that it was still there and he said it was fine and sent me on my way. After another few weeks it was still there so I went to and ENT and prescribed me 1000mg XR aumentin twice a day for 10 days. He said that if it doesn't clear up to checked up for Mono, and if that was negative to get an Infectious Disease Consult. He said my throat looked a little irritated, but it did not look like cancerous. I also recently did a urine test at a clinic for gonorrhea and chlamydia and both came back negative. The thing that my throat has hurt off and on since this whole thing began, and the pain is not just isolated to where the pus is. My questions are could this be gonorrhea or chlamydia? If so would the urine test pick it up if it was in the mouth? Would the Aumentin get rid of it?(I still have 4 more day of treatment, but it seems like nothing has changed so far.)

Also I am pretty sure its not Mono cause I have had it before.
I have also have had a negative 6 & 12 week HIV antibody test.
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Chlamydia does not stay in the mouth and throat, so probably not that. Could be gonorrhea and would only be detected by a throat swab. i do not know if the medicine prescribed would help you or not.
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