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Some cleanable, non painful nor itchy white spots on my meatus (urethral tip)

yesterday while i was showering, i noticed some white spots and redness in my meatus. It didn't hurt nor itch at all. I even peed at the same time, but there was no pain or burns at all. I felt nothing at all. I tried cleaning them up, some few rubs and the white spots are gone, but still left some redness in the meatus. Today i woke up and checked on my meayus to see if something wrong happens to it. It is slightly bigger i think. I thought it was a herpes,because i had an intercourse 8 days ago. But then again, i don't think it's herpes because herpes was supposed to hurt right? So probably it might be yeast infection? I'm all confused right now.
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Hi yes if was herpes it would be very painful blisters and herpes are not white heads. could be a fungal infection like you suggest.
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Thanks for the response. I also hope it's jist a fungal infection. But then again when i browsed about genital herpes, i saw some herpes blisters that are kind of white, and some sites say that it could be less painful. These infos are also part of my consideration. Is it okay if i post a pic so it could be much clearer for you how it look like?
we dont look at genital photos but test if your concened but what your describing doesnot indicate herpes at at;;
Few updates on my condition, today i noticed a flat white spot in the meatus (like mouth sore or ulcer). Is that fungal?
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