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Someone please answer asap. Std question. Need help please.

Very confused. So I was having sex with Someone and the condom then broke on 2 different occasions. I then started to feel tingly sensations and my penis looked red and irritated and had some discharge. This person then told me they tested positive for chylamedia. We had Sex again ( unprotected ) another day and I went into the clinic that same and took the antibiotic for the std. Probably about 2-3 hours after having sex. I then started to look and feel better the next couple of weeks and symptoms went away. She was also treated and we both waited 7 days with no sex. A few weeks after that we have sex but with a confirm that didn't break. And I received unprotected oral. About a week or so later I start feeling a dripping sensation and felt discomfort in the testicles. Even a little burning. I contact the person I just had sex with and she got retested and came back negative for any std. This is confusing cuz I've had no sexbeith anyone else. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much. What do you guys think. I don't think smoking marijuana can affect this cuz I've smoked it all my life even the first time I was treated for this std and the antibiotic still worked fine. Any opinions ?
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Oh and the first time I went to the clinic to take the antibiotic. I left urine. They said I was negative and had no std. But right before going to that appointment I had unprotected sex with the infected person cuz I thought I was infected and I took the antibiotic about 2 hours later
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Hi, symptoms of std,s are a puss penis discharge and constant urethra irritation. Feeling of dripping could be the start of a new infection.  but since you tested negative and the recent sex was only  a day before, it would not appear an std as take at least 4 days for symptoms to appear.
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