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Sore Throat and Pain in Urethra

A month ago I had unprotected sex.  The following week I developed a very intense pain in my urethra which has subsequently reduced recently.  However I have developed an infection in my throat and some red bumps on my uvula.  I've been tested for Gonorrhea Chlamydia HIV and Syphilis and they all came back negative.  Also I got tested for strep which also came back negative.  My Doctor perscribed me two anti-biotics last thursday and I have shown no improvement since then.  I plan on seeing him again this week, however I'm curious about what exactly to ask be done.  Also i have some flesh colored bumps on the lower part of my shaft on my penis. I've done some reading and the general consensus is that they may have nothing to do with anything.  Anyways I was curious if this sounded anything like herpes or something like that.  Any help would be appreciated!
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Well you don't talk about giving oral sex, so without saying that I can only assume it was not done so your throat has nothing to do with a STD.

If you are having unprotected sex you should make sure partner does not have STD's and HIV.
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