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I was diagnosed with hvp 8 years ago.  Never had any symptoms of herpes or have had any outbreaks.  Last night I had sex and used protection.  The next morning I had a hard bump on the left lip of my vigina and both lips were swollen.  Ive swelled before but the bump is new.  It doesnt feel like a sore just a lump.  Kinda worried and not sure if I should immediately take it to my gyno.  Should I be worried?
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Were you diagnosed with HSV or HPV?  They are two different things.
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I dont know what HSV is..
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HSV is herpes.  You were not diagnosed with herpes.  HPV is genital warts.  There is a separate support forum for HPV.  Std's don't usually show the next day.  You should go to your gyno and have the bump evaluated.  Hopefully it will not go away by the time you get an appointment, but it is too soon to be thinking you have an std because of the bump with swelling.  But it never hurts to have it evaluated so you know for sure.
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Yeah I thought it was kinda weird.  I think I might be allergic to that condom.  Its happened before and I think with the same brand.  Like I said I was using protection and he seems pretty clean...Ive known him a while.  So I figured I was being safe.  Do you know of any allergies like that with condoms?  I know my mom is allergic to latex...maybe I got that allergy to?
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It is possible.  It wouldn't hurt to bring that up to your doctor.  
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