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Std infection, what could it be??


Just over two weeks ago I had unprecedented sex on a one night stand.

Approx 3 to 4 days later I developed a constant tingling at the tip of my pens. This prosisted for two days.  At that point I went to a std clinic. Coincidentally that morning the tingling seemed to subside.  But would occasionally get a slight burning / stinging sensation in urethra.  

The Dr. Took bloods and urine and did a swab test.  He diagnosid me with non specific urethritis and gave me a single dose of Azithromycin in case it was clymidia.  

It's been a week since that visit.  I've experienced some general tingling around penis but urethra discomfort seems to have cleared up.  Now my main symptoms seem to have moved to testicles.

At various points throughout day just one of my testicles may become sore,  feel swollen and tender.  Also currently feels tender where the crease of my leg meets testicles.  That may be unrelated.

I have another few days to wait for test results,  I'm sick with worry I may have herpes or something non curable.  I'm wondering could you speculate as to the cause of my systems?
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