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Std queries

Hi All,

I had an exposure 3 days back in malaysia, Protected vaginal sex and received unprotected oral from a csw.
After sex I got a bit sober and saw that the csw had rash on her panty line.
Don’t know what was that but she had it.
Although I remember there was no visible rash or pimple/sore near vagina or her lip of mouth. Don’t know if she had syphilis sore inside her mouth.
Now my question is what all test do I need to take? And window period?
Herpesvirus, syphilis, gono, chamaydia, hiv, scabies, hep A/B/C ? And any other?
Please answer.

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Hi with the oral its low risk for herpes, syphilis and gono and if the protected had no genital to genital rubbing contact its zero risk for all std,s if you did have rubbing contact its also low risk for syphilis and herpes. test if you develop a white puss penis discharge or gential sores about 2 weeks later or if you have a long term partner.
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Yes she rubber her vagina while I was lying on bed, so this puts me to risk of syphilis and herpesvirus? So shall I skip hiv test and get only stds like gono chalmydia, hereps and syphilis ?
I need to take the test for syphilis at 3 months and for other sti’s at 15 days ? Right ? I hope everything turns out to be ok. Having sex was terrible drunk decision.
test for syphilis at 6 weeks and herpes at 3 months if you have a long term partner
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And I hope no other std is out there? Like on cdc website there are like 20 stds ? Need to worry about them as well ?
Just gono syphilis and herpes
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Thanks for the reply....
I don’t know if anyone can answer, I had mild diarrhea in morning and I am having pain in my legs in line as if the nerves are paining... is it any early sign of any std ?
Just asking because read somewhere that it could be hsv ?
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