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Std question?

I posted a few months ago about a risky encounter I had.  Basically tip of my penis licked and testicules and a brief rimjob.  I’m 39. She was mid 30s. Sex workers.  She had no noticeable sores on her face or mouth. I showered right after.  No discharge, no pain during sex or burning.  A few weeks after I did have a painful pimp like thing on my scrotum.  It hurt. It was one. It even popped like a pimple.  A few weeks after that had a painful single sore at the top of my butt crack appear. It hurt as well. It healed.  Nothing else except my right testicule hurts.  Not constantly.  A mild dull pain. About the same level of mild pain for 3 months.   It comes and goes.  When I do recognize it it gets worse then it goes away.  Then it comes back.  If I get focused on something I don’t notice it.  I don’t think I’m swollen. I’ve felt them.  Both balls feel normal.  Maybe a bit red but I do a lot of sweaty work.  I had a vasectomy 2 years ago and a hemroidectomy in April.  I was cath for a week with that.  So other than the mild dull pain that comes and goes I’m fine.  I’m married. I’ve had sex on the regular with my wife.  She has had no know issues.  So could my testicule issue be related to my June encounter or is it guilt.

Thank you
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It's likely guilt since you only feel it when you focus on it, and it's intermittent, not constant.

When we answered your question, we explained that your risk was very, very low, if you had one at all.

If you can't let it go, why not just test? Find a clinic or a Planned Parenthood and just self pay so it doesn't go on your insurance, and test and put it to rest finally. You can be sure it will be negative.
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I’m trying to work up the courage.  I’m scared. And my wife tracks me. It is difficult.   So no chance it can epidymitis.  Sense it is intermittent.
And thank you.
And it is just guilt and fear.
If you keep exhausting yourself with fear and anxiety, it will be much more harmful than any possible STI.
Like mentioned this is prob just guilt causing anxiety to go sky high and mimic symptoms when you think of it.  Also, epididymitis is not always caused by an STI. I had it it was was just a sudden thing.

But your risk is nothing to worry about. The odds of that transmitting anything are so so so so so so low. There is alot of science behind why it is so low which I wont go in to but in short the saliva in the mouth will destroy most bugs.
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