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Std risk

Yesterday I went to a massage parlor and engaged with a CSW. It started off with slight body rubbing and very light kissing. Breast sucking. And then she took off her pants (left her panties on) and i proceeded to finger her over the panties. She then rubbed her butt on my bare penis until I ejeaculated on her butt over the panties. There was no penetration to the best of my knowledge. Especially because she was wearing her panties the whole time. Is there any risk here?
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There is no risk here.

Her panties were on the entire time, and STDs don't go through clothing (or fabric of any kind). There's also no risk from breast sucking.

You're fine and don't need to test.
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Thank you. Super anxious about it. But logically it makes sense that it couldnt transmit through fabric.
Remember that fear and/or guilt and/or anxiety does not equal risk. (I don't know if guilt is part of the fear, but it is for a lot of people, so I'm including it.)
It certainly is. Thank you. I will try to get past this mentally now.
Also any risk from the kissing if I had a cut or sore in my mouth?
The only risk from kissing is hsv1 (think cold sores), if you don't already have that. About half the adult population already has hsv1 orally, and 90% won't ever get a cold sore, so many don't know they have it.

There's no risk for anything else from kissing.
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Just to follow up. 3 weeks from exposure I have redness and irritation on penis head. Saw a dr today and she said it was candida. Is that normal? Could candida be confused for any other std?
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No, and you had no risk for an STD, since she had her underwear on the whole time. Candida is a fungal infection, and it's quite common, especially if you aren't circumcised.

Use whatever meds she gave you, and keep the area clean and dry. Use a a gentle soap or cleanser, and you only need it once a day. Don't go overboard.
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