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Std risks protected but with warts?

I made a terrible decision to have protected oral and vaginal sex (same condom) with a csw in Amsterdam recently. Ever since I've been terribly worried about catching ALL/ANY std.
I have a long term gf who I'm proposing to soon and wouldn't want to hurt her if I became infected.

I've read protected sex means HIV/Hep B/Gon/Chlamydia are extremely unlikely, but I'm worried about 2 things in particular:
1) I have a 4-5 genital warts around the base of my penis and scrotum (I'm unshaved btw) - I read that HPV increases risks of HIV and other STDs. Is this correct?
2) After the oral I almost ejaculated but held back. She then got on top and a few thrusts later I started going soft. I pulled out (condom still on) and tried to get my erection back by myself. I didn't manage so just stopped. On taking the condom off myself I noticed it was unusually wet around my shaft. Not sure if this was her vaginal fluid?

The day after I went to sex clinic and had azithromycin and another antibiotic in one go for gon and Chlamydia. I also started PEP for 3 days but discontinued on the advice of another sex clinic doctor. Got a full std screen that same day and everything came back negative (as expected). Also told I didn't have hep b immunity.

I got tested at 27.5 days post exposure and everything came back negative. I also tested 30 days post exposure because I read PEP delays window period so that would have been 26 days post pep. Both HIV and Syphilis came back negative.

I have had very strange symptoms over past few weeks. Weight loss, muscle pain in thigh, shin muscles for 2 weeks, diahrrea swollen glands under ear for 4 days (night of the second test) and now my knee hurts. I also noticed a couple of new warts around my penis.

1) what are the risks I caught anything?
2) do I need further testing? I'm particularly worried about hiv, hep b and syphilis.
3) she didn't have any obvious visible sores - chances of picking up HSV-2 or syhphilis?
4) Can I get concurrent HPV infections? My gf has never been had warts but I've had them for past few years.

Please can anyone respond? This is such a great forum and really relying on your responses for some reassurance/guidance.
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Forgot to say I have not had sexual contact with my gf since then. Awaiting six week post pep test result
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Hi you had zero risk for hiv using a condom and for your girls protection test for the below at the correct window period.
1, syphilis----6 weeks post exposure
2. herpes----3 months
Does that mean my HIV and hep b tests are conclusive?
Do the warts not increase my risk of infection?
Also does me having hsv-1 provide any protection from hsv-2?
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HIV and hep area zero using a condom and warts dont increase infecion and having hsv1 provides no to little protection againts hsv2.
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Thanks for the responses.
1) what about the strange symptoms? Glands in neck have started swelling again and painful, and think gland behind knee is painful ...also get random cool burning sensations in legs. These really stress me out.
2) I can't abstain from sex for 3 months. Is it likely I caught HSV-2?
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Thanks for the response. I know this might be irritating but I'm really panicking. What if her vaginal fluid got into the condom and was pushed up and into the urethrea when I tried to regain my erection by myself? It was very wet under the condom when I took it off.

Today I'm not feeling well and have developed a dry cough as well.

Would a 6 week post pep 4th gen test be conclusive given I took 3 days of pep 36 hours post exposure? I want to put this all behind me.
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We dont talk about "what ifs" as would be endless but even if fluid got inside the condom its still zero risk for hiv, gono and chlamydia. Your risk if for herpes and syphilis and for your partners protection youll need to test for these for her protection.
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Thanks Dave, really appreciate your quick response. I do think I have an irrational fear that is probably related to feelings of guilt.
I haven't had any hsv-2 symptoms so will test for syphilis, hep b and hiv (even though I know it'll be negative) at 6 weeks.
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Using a condom you were not exposed to hiv or hep only syphilis and herpes. Using a condom puts these are really now risk but testing is only recommened for your partners protection.
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