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Std symptoms

Hi , I had a hand job in a massage parlour , the Asian then proceeded to give me oral ( un protected) wich I stopped immediately ( so only like 1 second oral) , days later I had frequent urination , burning , itchy and inflamed tip of penius.
I got tested at 4 days post exposure (blood and urine) negative. Doc gave me doxycylien just in case for 10 days, on the 3 rd day I had a large white discharge at the end of urinating just once.
The burning mostly subsided after the course of doxy , but my penius tip remains inflamed and sometimes itchy .
I got retested at 3 weeks post exposure ( urine and swab only) negative .
Dtr said I'm fine to have sex but I can't as my penius  is still inflamed at the tip and I have now noticed a small purple lump just at the tip of my urethra ( inside penius tip) , I have been using hortizole cream on and off to try treat the inflammation but not really curing it , when I stop using it the inflammation seams to appear at the base of my knob aswell , the hortizole will clear the inflammation at the base of knob again but won't clear the tip? Any thoughts please ? Should I go back to docs?
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Not sure what this is but would not be STD related.
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Any one else have any ideas?
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Follow up with your Dr
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Help please .
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The doctor gave you antibiotics even when your test result was negative? That doesn't make sense at all....would 4 days be enough time to take the test?
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You want a Dr's opinion you have to pay to post in the Expert forum.

Don't know what more you want you had no STD risk.
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