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Stds I never heard of

How often do people get tested for rare stds? (I.e. Chamchroid, HTLV, etc.) I made the mistake of looking them up and now I'm worried sick that I might have attracted one or passed it on. I got the routine panel and everything came back negative.
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People don't get tested for these unless they have symptoms. Do you?

Chancroid is usually only seen in developing countries. It causes ulcerations on the genitals. You'd know.

HTLV is RARE, and you'd still have symptoms. You'd know.

If you are in a developed country (the US, UK, etc), you really don't have to worry about these.

Your username indicates that you know you have some anxiety issues. Do you see a therapist for that? If you don't, please consider it. (I say that with only compassion, no criticism.)
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Thank you. Yes I do actually. I got the full test panel minus HPV because the dr pretty much said unless you have symptoms you're good. The majority of the population have it. Then saw all these other diseases rarely addressed. Trichomoniasis, chanchoid and others. Its been over 2 years since had an infection and was cleared so I dont wanna pass anything to my partner and i guess i just felt guilt for not get EVERYTHING tested for.

Yes I have bad anxiety when it comes to this stuff. I know its silly but thats just how I am unfortunately.
Really, you're good. I know it's not easy with the anxiety, but science says you are fine. Try and trust that. :)
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