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Stds chances? Need testing?

Hi, I'm a male in a relationship. I had some encounters and symptoms that I wanted to ask since I'm getting worried and nervous. On 6/19 I had a protected oral sex (receiving) from an escort and no penetration but skin to skin contact, I noticed some red pimples on her butt which my penis might came in contact with. After 1 week, I had a hard pimple on my penis near the base which became painful open sore. Next day I had tested for hiv antibody, hsv, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. And it came negative except hsv-1 which I'm aware of from before (was expecting hsv-2). I took Levofloxain 500mg for 5 days which I had some left from previous prescription. I read that CDC doesn't recommend that for gonorrhea for resistant strains, however that sore healed after 3 days. During that I had massage where a woman was to putting saliva on her hands from her mouth and rub my penis with no condom, but she didn't touch that sore (as far as I remember). 10 days later I had sore throat which isn't intense but still till now, somedays I even don't feel it. And on 7/20 I had an encounter where I had protected oral and vaginal sex. On 8/1 I had hiv testing (antibody) since I was worried about the sore throat that persists, and it came back negative. After  10 days, I noticed discharge on my underwear (it's dried fluid on my underwear, not sure if this is how discharge would be)  but couldn't see color since my underwear is black. On the next few weeks, I had 4 unprotected intercourses oral and vaginal with my partner. My partners complained about brining sensation, she always has that when we have sex after a period of time when we don't have sex for a while ( this happen many times before since we've been together for many years, so she took one dose of Levofloxain 500 and stopped in case there is pregnancy. She is fine now and doesn't have further symptoms. On 8/20 I had an unprotected oral (receiving) and protected vaginal with an escort, but the condoms was covering half of my penis, not fully to the base. Yesterday I had the discharge again ( again I couldn't see discharge coming out from my penis but dried fluid) but again couldn't tell the color, the discharge was in quarter coin size. I didn't have any burning sensation or difficulties in urination. I'm feeling terrible, worried and nervous. What should I test for? and if I need any? If I had any symptoms that would show on the results, right? Please advice. I do the anonymous testing, and I'm not feeling comfortable to talk to a healthcare professional about that. Thanks
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Hi, the 8/20 unprotected oral is the only one where you could have contracted and std that would cause a urethra discharge. Most professionals consider this low risk activity  as to contract things like gono or chlamydia your penis needs some deep throat penitration to the back of her throat where std.s like these would be. But you mention you had a discharge before this so it might not be an infectious discharge but may be just sperm..

Your biggest risk is for herpes with all the exposure youve had with all the different workers and condoms would not be 100% effective in preventing this.
You tested to soon for hsv and need to test at 3 months from each of your encounters. Syphilis is also a risk and testing for this is at 6 weeks from each of your encounters.

It would be best to have a swab culture within 48 hours if a new sore develops.
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