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Sti or what

So I swapped bjs with a guy about 3 months ago.  No symptoms for 2 months.  Slowly about 4 weeks ago my pelvic area, abdomen, lower back and groin began to ache.  I didnt think std when I went to the doctor.  Also no testicle pain, urination or ejaculatory pain, and no discharge. He ran blood tests and urine tests.  Everything came back good, including no infections found, uti, liver function, no uti, no elevated white blood cells. Only thing was 3.8 psa count. Slightly high.  The doctor thought it was a muscle ligament strain.  It doesnt really feel like a strain.  So with these symptoms starting 2 months after encounter, and my symptoms being what they are and no infection found with tests.  Could it be an sti
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I don't think it sounds like the kind of symptoms people have from an STI.  If you're super nervous about the sexual contact, it's perfectly fine to get tested, but it might be a waste of time.
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After rereading my post, to be clear, I was Not tested for std. Only regular blood and urine tests.
I assumed (from you saying "I didn't think std when I went to the doctor") that you meant that you didn't ask to be tested for STDs. But even if you had, it doesn't sound like what you have, and also if the doctor had thought it sounded like an STD, he or she would probably have suggested it. If this is really bugging you, you could test.

Try some Advil two times a day, if it's the muscle problems the doctor thought it was, they should ease, and then you have a hint the doc was right. But if the aching sticks around, go back and see the doc again (or a different doctor) to see if more information about your present symptoms will help the doctor make a diagnosis.
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I would agree that this doesn't sound like symptoms of an std.  The timing is wrong as well.  Your PSA really isn't 'high' but is getting close.  The discomfort you are having likely has nothing to do with your sexual encounter.  
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Thanks for the input
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I agree with the others, but if you're concerned, just get tested to put your mind at ease and rule those out as causes.
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