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Stomach discomfort after receiving unprotected oral?

Last night (about 24 hours ago) I received unprotected oral from a sex worker in Japan. She works at a pink salon, which is only for receiving oral, not intercourse. The session lasted only about 30 minutes We showered before and after. I know that most STD's do not show up this early, but in some cases they do (more resistant strains of gonorrhea). I have no symptoms like discharge, itching or testicular pain, but my stomach has been feeling pretty bad. My stomach is usually healthy and has no problems.

I only ask because I have been infected with chlamydia and gonorrhea in the past and felt the same way the following day, but on that occasion I had discharge as well.

I might not have been infected, but I just thought I would ask on here. Can any doctors on here please give me some piece of mind?
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Hi, no std symptom shows up the next day and things like gono would take about 5 days before any infection appears and if she did not give you "deep throat" oral you can pretty much rule gono out and if she did not have any lip sores your risk for herpes is close to zero. Stomach pain is not an std symptom.
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So would this be just my anxiety or stress of me worrying about possibly having an STD and nothing else?

I sure hope that is the case...
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Highly unlikely you contracted anything from this and im sure anxiety is part of your symptoms with the stomach issue.
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When I last contracted chlamydia and gonorrhea years ago, my stomach felt sick and a little late in the night and in the morning before urinating I had a discharge.

If I don't have a discharge tomorrow morning, that will be a good sign. I still strongly believe my body (or just stomach) might be super sensitive to STD infections.

I don't normally have stomach issues at all, but that time I was infected, my stomach just started feeling terrible and only got worse over time. That is what actually brought me to the hospital to get tested positive for both STDs in the first place.
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Well, I am on day 2 now (since possible infection) and I had a decent sized clear discharge before urinating.

This is what happened when I had chlamydia and gonorrhea in the past. My stomach isn't bothering me now though.

I did masturbate last night...is there a chance it could be a leftover sperm or natural bacteria rather than an STD?
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I will assume it was leftover sperm. I haven't been sexually active since that night and each morning, there was no discharge through the day.
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