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Strange rash

I have had this rash now for maybe a week or more. It started out just itching then peeling. A lot of flaking on my scrotum on inner thighs, even above my penis. I had a weird blister like thing on the top of my penis where I had been circumsized. I thought I had scabies. I have been applying fungal creme for jock itch and aloe vera. The first time I used the fungal cream it burnt really, really bad. It healed up a bit, and my sack went leathery and shed skin again. Now these red bumps are everywhere and they hurt really bad I always want to itch it. It is on my scrotum, inner thighs, and above the shaft, and even on the shaft, of my penis. I have had multiple sex partners in the last month. Here is a like to view the photos of my rash. Please help@



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Firstly, please do not itch your rash - this can only serve to exacerbate the condition.

Secondly, you mentioned that you have had multiple partners over the last month - I am assuming these were unprottected?

Symptoms - Your symptoms alone cannot be a case for diagnosis.  I have view the pictures and they dont seem to look like anything too sinister.  That being said, I would have prefered to see this 'blister' on the shaft of your penis - this seems more like something that can be connected to an STD.

What to do now? - Doctors.  You need to do two things.

1)_ Visit your doctor and screen for STD's (you should take a HIV test in 3 months after your last potential exposure

2) Consult the advice of a Dermatologist who will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis of your rash.

Finally, please ENSURE that you are using condoms with new partners or with people whose sexual status you are unaware of.  You are only putting yourself, and others' health in jeopardy.

I hope this helps

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we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum located under the important announcements tab.

bottom line is you need to be seen. your regular provider is the best place to start for this. this is not scabies from the sounds of it.

no sex until you've been properly treated either!


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