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Stressing out. At Risk?

I have recently started dating again and have yet to have full sex.
For the last year I was single and frequented a few prostitutes to help relive the 'stress'.
I always had protected sex, both for oral and vaginal. I did not french kiss.
I would occasional finger the vagina and on one occassion stroked, but didn't penetrate the *******,
am I at risk from these acts? Should I get tested before having sex with my new girlfriend?

Am I stressed out over nothing?
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Didn't realise certain words wee censored on this site.
******* refers to ***.
Hope this doesn't get censored too.
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by *** I mean 'back door'.
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If you used a condom you should be fine, but it is always good to know your sexual health. It is always good to get tested before a new girl so god forbid anything happens you can locate the source of it. It will also take a huge amount of stress off of your shoulders.
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Thanks for the advice.
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