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Sun Blister or herpes...

I recently drove through the hottest parts of california (for quite a few days). I noticed a blister forming on my right inner lip (just a few days out). It pretty-much stayed the same in look for some time...very much like a blister you would get on your foot/hand if you over rubbed it against something. It doesn't hurt unless I rub it (with a kleanex or tissue), and it's progressively getting smaller. There's no real color to it (sort of looks like my lip has been bitten), but there's small white dots next to it...not sure if they were there before.  Although reading through the forum, it seems those dots are normal.

Six days later: My doctor says he thinks it's not herpes, and upon searching the internet I'm finding it hard to figure out if it's herpes or it's just sun blisters. My lips have always been very prone to dry out and I'm not quite sure what it is. A blood/urine test will tell me soon.

--Given my doctor says nothing on my lips or crotch looks like herpes (even though my paranoid mind looks at everything with suspicion),... do you think my chances of having it are much smaller?  Or does herpes usually start-off looking like blisters one would get on their feet or hand from over-rubbing the skin?

I'm hopeful that it's nothing...given my doctors first assessment, but I don't want to be highly dissapointed.  Your thoughts and experiences examining things like this....?

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sounds like oral herpes. No blisters otherwise. Sorry, EB
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It actually looks like a 'canker sore'.    It's in the inner part of my lip, and I also have another canker sore in the same area in my mouth.  I never had a canker sore on my lip before, and now that I look to compare, I actually think it's not herpes...but I'm wondering why you would think so...?


According to that link, my thing actually looks like the one on the right....a canker sore.
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Another picture...mine looks more like the one on the bottom.  The canker sore.  It's not dark at all...it's sort of still the color of my mouth.  It just looks like my lip has been punched in way....and the inner part is inflame just a bit.  

Again, I'm not a hundred percent certain it isn't herpes, but info on these links (plus my doc) really make me think I'm not with it.
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